El Salvador Waterfalls (Paradise on Earth!)


El Salvador is a beautiful country surrounded by stunning beaches, tall mountains, dense rainforests, and of course incredible waterfalls.

There are so many waterfalls in El Salvador that it’s almost impossible to see them all in one visit. However, if you’re looking to escape the world and experience the soulful touch of nature, there is no better place than El Salvador and its beautiful waterfalls. 

El Salvador is a country located in Central America. While the country is the smallest compared to its neighbors, it’s still one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. The country is especially known for its beautiful countless waterfalls. And in today’s article, I will be talking about some of those incredible waterfalls. 

As I said before, El Salvador is home to countless waterfalls. And this means there are many waterfalls hidden in the depths of the rainforests, many yet not even discovered. However, those we do know of, we will talk about today. So let’s get right into it. 

The Best Waterfalls in El Salvador:

If you have ever seen a waterfall, you know how incredible the whole experience is. The falling water just takes you somewhere else, it’s therapeutic and a soulful experience. El Salvador is home to many breathtaking waterfalls. Here are some of the best waterfalls you should see on your visit to El Salvador: 

1. Juayua Waterfalls

A two-hour ride from Juayua town will take you to the cascading waterfalls of Juayua. The pools are crystal clear and calm, the water is cold and it’s perfect for the start of your waterfall hunting trip. Most of these waterfalls were created through earthquakes that occurred centuries ago.

2. Chorros De La Calera 

Chorros de la Calera is one of the major waterfalls in El Salvador that you should visit. Unlike some of the other waterfalls in El Salvador, this waterfall gives out a mysterious feel. There are lush green coffee plantations and local cuisine that you can try out while you watch the waterfall down the earth. Chorros De La Calera is found on the path of the seven waterfalls. 

3. The Tamanique Waterfalls 

These waterfalls are found closer to the town of la Libertad. Again you would have to take a hike that would take you to the waterfalls where you can find various amusement locations. 

There’s a walk-in park, a Deep swim in the crystal clear water, and other activities you can try out. The Tamanique is one of the more fun locations to visit when you visit El Salvador. 

4. Salto De Malacatiupan 

These waterfalls are around 50 mins away from the La Ruta de Las Flores. Located a little further away from the mainland but still is home to many beautiful sites. If you choose to explore the waterfalls of Salto De Malacatiupan, you should plan a little further ahead. 

This is because there are many things to do in this area. From volcanic activities to bathing in the crystal clear waters, you are sure to have a great time. 

5. El Escudo Waterfall 

These waterfalls are located in the eastern parts of the country. The waterfalls are half a kilometer from the main road and the sites are incredible. The el Escuco waterfall is around 80 meters tall making it one of the tallest waterfalls in El Salvador. 

One thing I did was, walk around the lower region of the waterfalls, when you do this the waterfall sprays you with cold relaxing water. 

You can even take a swim in the beautiful clean water and enjoy the whole area. If you like calm and low-energy trips this is the place to visit when you’re in El Salvador. 

6. El Perol Waterfall 

The el Perol waterfall is situated in the Morazan department and it’s a combination of natural water and deep rainforests. Surrounding this waterfall is deep green forests and it is rich in fauna and flora. Also, many animal species and different unique plants can be seen in this area as well. The waterfall itself is around 35 feet high and the pool below can be used for a swim. 

7. Cascada Los Tercios 

This historical waterfall is just 5 mins away from the capital of San Salvador. After a long day exploring the capital, you can come to the waterfall to end the day in the best way possible. A historian in el Salvador Denotes that the waterfall is mythical. For this reason, this waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in the country. 

The waterfall is a thing of beauty during the rainy seasons. People who visit the waterfall are often coming from a religious belief because of the mythical fame the waterfall has. 

When you visit El Salvador one thing you can be sure of is, that there is no end to the natural beauty of this country. There are so many waterfalls, rainforests, etc in this country that it will truly blow your mind. For this reason, when you do visit make sure you have enough time to see as much as you can. 

Trust me it’s an experience you will not forget. 

The Hidden Waterfalls in El Salvador:

The Hideend waterfalls tour otherwise known as Las Cascadas Escondidas is a fascinating way to explore hidden falls. This is also called chasing waterfalls. For this, you will have to contact the national park of El Salvador and get yourself a guide. Remember, it is not possible to find the falls without a guide since there are no maps of these waterfalls. 

These waterfalls are buried in the depths of El Salvador and chasing them is a thrilling adventure you need to be on. Here’s a short description of how the whole trip might look for you: 

The El Salvador Hidden Waterfalls Hike:

The tour first starts with a bumpy ride to a dense forest right outside the town. The forest is pretty noticeably overgrown and not looked after as much, because of this we recommend wearing hiking trousers.

During this hike, you will be able to see many plant species and local flora. Moreover, the tour guides are professionals who can give you a lot of knowledge about the forest. 

The first waterfall is pretty easy to find. And once you reach you will be able to cliff jump, take a deep swim or just simply walk around the waterfall. 

This is the 3rd waterfall amongst the seven you will come across. The first two are not that high up and pretty easy to jump from. However, the Cascada La Cueva is a scary one. This waterfall is incredibly relaxing to swim in and I highly recommend you to do that. 

Cascada La Cueva:

After this, you will continue with your hike and you will come across another beautiful waterfall. This one is surrounded by orange-colored rocks, this waterfall is set amongst a lush riverbed setting. 

Cascada El Perol:

The hike continues down a bendy trail and you reach the Cascada el Perol. This waterfall is by far the most impressive one in my opinion.

This is also the highest amongst all the other waterfalls. You are given two options once you reach the top of the cliff, either hike to the bottom through a forest trail or hike and scramble down the side of the waterfall. 

So which option should you choose? I recommend you hike down the side of Cascada El Perol. This way you can enjoy the waterfall from various angles and also shower in the spray of the waterfall. 

Ready for the cliff jump? The highest you can jump from is 10 meters but if that seems too high for you, you can opt for 6 or the 8-meter jump. 

Trekking Through the Forest:

Once you’re done seeing all the waterfalls you will finish the tour with a hike back up through the forest. This hike will most likely be quite tiring for you after such a long day. While you hike through the forest you will notice a bamboo forest. This trail will eventually lead you back to where you started. 

So there you go, that’s what a waterfall chasing will be like. If you are planning to go to El Salvador anytime soon I highly recommend you try this out. You only live once and adventures like this will make you feel more lively than you can imagine. 

Hot Spring Waterfalls in El Salvador:

Hot spring waterfalls are natural hot waterfalls that are naturally heated by the volcanic activity surrounding them. This is one for your bucket list as the whole experience is mesmerizing. The water is warm and is said to be good for your skin. The waterfall pours water down to the river below where you can take a warm swim. 

Where Are the Hot Waterfalls Located?

The hot spring waterfalls are located in the north of El Salvador. You can take a car ride to get to these waterfalls and it can take you around 45 mins to get there. 

What’s the Best Time To Go to the Hot Spring Waterfalls?

The best time of course is during a colder time. The morning or sunset is the best time to experience the hot spring waterfalls.

Why You Should Visit El Salvador?

El Salvador is a beautiful small country in Central America. While the country isn’t all that famous worldwide and isn’t considered the safest to visit either, it’s often overlooked as a travel destination. However, there are many things you can do in this country that can make your trip one to remember. Here’s why you should visit El Salvador: 

Natural Beauty:

El Salvador is mostly famous for its empty beaches. Surfers around the world are often seen spending hours on these beaches. However, there are many volcanos, lakes, rainforests, and of course waterfalls that surround the country which are not talked about as much. Ironically, these beauties of nature are the prettiest parts of El Salvador. 

Fellow travelers:

People who visit El Salvador don’t usually visit the country for a short stay. This is a good thing, as it attracts long-term travelers you can make friends with. Having fellow traveler friends is a great thing as it is more fun to roam around the country with a group of friends.

The locals of El Salvador:

You will be surprised to see how charming and welcoming the locals of El Salvador are. For a country known as dangerous, El Salvador shelters some of the warmest people Iv ever met. The people of the country treat you like you’re one of them and many travelers talk about how easy it is to share a conversation with them. 

A quiet country:

Many of the world’s travel destinations are often so loud, that they can be a mood killer. In this case, El Salvador is one of the more tourists countries in the world. Sure there are tourists but not as many as in other countries. Moreover, there are so many places to visit you can easily find a quiet spot just for yourself. 

Best Places To Visit in El Salvador:

Now, if you are planning to visit El Salvador, it’s better to know some of the places you can visit in the country apart from the waterfalls. The country might be quite small but it is rich in its culture and geography. So, here are some of the best places to visit in El Salvador: 

1. El Tunco 

El Tunco also known as surf village is one of the most famous places to visit in El Salvador. El Tunco is home to many surf fanatics but even if you’re not into surfing it is a great place to visit.

El Tunco is located around 45 minutes south of the capital. While the village itself is quite small, there are restaurants bars, small hotels, and shops for you to look around. 

2. Mizata 

Mizata is a smaller version of El Tunco. There isn’t much going on in this small village but that is what makes it special. Unlike El Tunco, Mizata is much quieter which makes it the perfect place for a peaceful holiday. 

3. Suchitoto 

Suchitoto is a historical town with picturesque views of the mountains and surrounding area of Lago Suchitlan. If you’re thinking of starting your trip by exploring an area of El Salvador, Suchitoto is perfect for you. There are many historic landmarks and many great opportunities for outdoor activities in this town. 

4. Lake Suchitlan 

Lake Suchitlan is the largest lake in El Salvador. The lake was created after the construction of the Cerrone grande dam in 1976 and is man-made. The best thing you can do at the lake takes a boat ride across the lake. You’ll be able to see wildlife such as sloths, monkeys, iguanas, etc. Also, bird watching is very popular around here. 

5. San Salvador 

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. The historic center is a must if you are visiting the country of El Salvador. The city is densely populated and there is a much more easy-going atmosphere compared to the other regions of the country. The locals are much more laid back and easy going and the city is a mix of modern and historic architecture. 

Some of the best places you can visit when you are here are the national palace, National theater, National Cathedral, and of course Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo, and El Calvario Church is also a must. Another place you should visit is the Iglesia El Rosario, it is one of the most beautiful places to see. 

6. Santa Ana Volcano 

So, you are looking for some outdoor activities for your trip and want to know what the most popular thing you can do? in that case, the green lakes of Santa Ana Volcano are for you. To see this incredible place you first need to take a hike upwards and it usually takes around 45 mins -2 hours. 

7. La Palma 

La Palma is known to be the favorite place for most visitors to El Salvador. La Palma is a beautiful mountain village located in the Chalatenango department of the country. Walking through this city is fascinating, as you will be able to see various graffiti and murals on the walls. The scenic hike tours are also incredible and should not be missed. 

8. Juayua – Ruta De Las Flores 

This town is a very famous tourist spot. It has the infamous flower route which is incredibly captivating. 

These are only a few places that I have handpicked for you but you will be surprised at how many other places you can go to in this country. Apart from the waterfalls, El Salvador is still a beautiful country that you should visit. 

Is El Salvador Safe To Visit?

It is important to know that El Salvador isn’t among the safest countries in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s filled with a crime either. 

There was a time when the country wasn’t as safe to visit for tourists but now in 2022, the country has changed quite a lot. The country gets a lot of bad press from the media and we can’t blame them. 

There are many gangs in el Salvador which have known to cause many problems around the country. However, based on my personal experience the civilians are kind-hearted and warm and you should definitely give the country a chance. The crime has come to a much more controlled state as well and so I can say the country is safe to visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Is El Salvador Known As?

Ans: The land of volcanos 

Q. What Is El Salvador Bordered By?

Ans: This mountainous country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

Q. Is El Salvador the Most Dangerous Country in Latin America?

Ans: No, El Salvador is not the most dangerous country in Latin America. 

Q. What Is Driving the Violence in El Salvador?

Ans: Transnational gangs like MS-13 are a major driver of violence in El Salvador 

Q. How Many Waterfalls Are There in El Salvador?

Ans: It cannot be counted. 


Apart from the bad rep the country of El Salvador has, it is a beautiful country. It is a little underlooked and should be seen by the world more often.