Lee Stocking Island Bahamas: Should You Pay a Visit There?


Lee Stocking Island is located in the Exumas, which are some of the most amazing islands in the Bahamas, and one must definitely visit the place at least once in a lifetime since it is considered one of the best vacation spots in the world. However, there might be certain things you should keep in mind when visiting Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas, and to help you in your dire need, we have got you covered!

Why Should You Visit the Lee Stocking Island?

In this section, we will provide you with a brief overview of Lee Stocking Island in the Exuma district, as well as information you may find useful, beginning with a description of the island’s geographical features.

Firstly, the Exuma district itself consists of a lot of islands, one of them being Lee Stocking Island, and has cays that typically begin sixty-five kilometres to the southeast of Nassau and the arc north to south for another one hundred and ninety kilometres, which concludes the two largest isles known as the Great Exuma and the Little Exuma. 

The forsaken “ghost island” that was said to be once home to the Caribbean Marine Research Centre and whose remains are now littered throughout the picturesque isle, Along with that, it is one of the most alluring of these gems. You can focus your attention on the deserted town.

If you’re someone who is looking for a unique experience in the Exumas, Lee Stocking Island is just the place to go and have the best experience the Bahamas has to offer. It is said that what was once one of the most thriving maritime research centres is now said to be the most deserted ghost town.

You can locate an anchor and proceed to the beach and spend the day just exploring the empty structures and hiking the roads and paths, as this cay will keep you entertained for hours!

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting Lee Stocking Island Bahamas:

Lee Stocking Island will enable you to visit the abandoned oceanographic research station situated there, along with the two dozen dwellings and other buildings that are dispersed around the north side of the island, which is said to be the main lure of Lee Stocking. In addition to that, you will find the decompression chamber and the historic fish and lobster pens, which are worth seeing on this island.

Climbing to Perry Hill, which is the island’s highest point and is around thirty metres above sea level, provides the best views. In terms of wildlife, the ponds on either end of the heavily weed-infested airport are home to some of the West Indian whistling ducks and other native species.

There are accessible pools via sandy trails that lead to scalloped beaches and can be an ideal space for snorkelling and simply relaxing with a refreshing beverage and admiring the amazing view that can be seen. 

With very few excursions and exactly no ferries travelling to this desert-island destination, you can enjoy Lee Stocking mostly to yourself in the best way. If you approach the outcrop via Adderly Cut, you may drop anchor in a secluded bay just a short distance from the former marine centre’s damaged pier.

Because the pier is currently dangerous, it’s advisable to get to land in a dinghy. If you’re looking for a skippered boat to carry you to Lee Stocking, Island Boy Adventures in Great Exuma can help. 

If you have plenty of time, you can actually sign up for an Ocean Expedition Cat seven-day sailing adventure in the Exumas, which as a matter of fact, includes the Lee Stocking Islands, along with swimming with pigs on Pig Island and hanging out with nurse sharks at Compass Cay. 

Other Reasons to Visit the Exuma District:

  • Entertainment

First of all, the Bahamas chain in general usually consists of about seven hundred islands, but if you are a golfer, you may have limited time to only visit two of them. Despite the fact that Grand Bahama, sixty miles east of Fort Lauderdale, has the most golf courses in the world and is easily accessible from any major airport, the Great Exuma, which includes the Lee Stocking Islands, should be your first choice.

As the new Four Seasons Golf Club Great Exuma at Emerald Bay is something you don’t want to miss, and even if the name is too lengthy, we can assure you it was best designed by Greg Norman, who is one of the Caribbean’s best contributions.

It is said that the par-72, 7,001-yard coastal layout was launched in the fall of the early twenties and features one of the most fantastic routes along the Bahamas’ coastline with breathtaking blue waters. 

  • Fishing

One of the greatest aspects of these islands is having to go fishing as an activity nearby the lee stocking islands in the Exuma district, and the best place for it is the Long Cay to Highbourne Cay stretch. Drop by Highbourne Cay for some great fishing and perhaps an overnight stay at any nearby marina. 

Also, if you’re someone who is looking for blooming coral and maybe superb snorkelling, along with a giant lobster, you may want to head a little further south to Long Cay.

This is where you can do many things, such as go diving, swimming, spearfishing, or snorkelling on and surrounding Long Cay and Lobster Cay, which are nearby to the west. Since the aquatic life, there will mostly leave an indelible effect on anyone who visits the place, it is the best place for fishing given that the government allows it. 

  • Sailing

It is often said that the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Waderick Wells, is the place where you can take your sailing dream and make it come true, and if you’re wondering about perhaps taking a nice sailing trip to the Exumas, this particular park should be on your list.

You can get into Waderick Wells or a more remote location on the island, such as Shroud Cay, depending on the number of people and the type of vehicle you choose to go sailing in, as it may cost you a significant amount of money.

On the other hand, Shroud Cay is a park-owned deserted cay that serves as a wildlife sanctuary. This link between the two places will enable you to explore Shroud Cay’s snorkelling locations and beaches along with the Waderick Wells, as it is the park’s headquarters with so much for you to see!

  • Historical things to see

One of the most reachable underwater plane wrecks that may be found in the world is found on Staniel Cay which is in the Exuma district and near the Lee Stocking Island. The usual diving spot is half a mile away from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and stands.

While visiting the staniel cay we can assure you that you will not be disappointed along with visiting the Ocean Beach and Pirate Trap Beach. Furthermore, you must prepare beforehand to go underwater cave diving in Thunderball Grotto which is the place where you may see a lot of coral and see a lot of sea life.

In addition to that, the Great Guana Cay’s Black Point is the place you must visit if you are going for a vacation on lee stocking island in the Bahamas. You should know that there are no boat services or mooring balls being provided at Black Point, but it is said to be one of the nicest anchorages in the Exumas itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Best Way To Get to Stocking Island, Exuma?

You’ll need to travel by boat or seaplane (or, if you’re adventurous, swim). But don’t be concerned. A 5-minute boat journey from George Town’s Elizabeth Harbour will take you to the ideal spot for a day at the beach, discovering the island’s natural beauty, or simply enjoying a delicious meal.

Lee Stockings Are Owned by Who?

John H. Perry, Jr. is an oceanographer.

Why Is Lee Stocking Described as a “Ghost Island”?

 Lee Stocking was purchased by John H. Perry, Jr., a rich publisher and future oceanographer, in 1957. In 1970, he launched the Perry Institute for Marine Science, and in 1984, with Lee Stocking, he founded the Caribbean Marine Research Centre.

Which Part of Exuma Is the Most Beautiful?

Staniel Cay offers the most authentic Bahamian experience, solidifying its reputation as the best spot to stay in Exuma. A visit to the Bahamas is unbeatable; magnificent white sand beaches and brilliant blue oceans await! 

What Is the Best Way To Get From Nassau to Stocking Island?

From Nassau to Stocking Island, there is no direct flight. 

How Much Does Island Hopping in the Bahamas Cost?

A plane ride from Nassau to Long Island is doable. It will take approximately 45 minutes and cost approximately $150 USD one-way. If you fly, you can land at either Deadman’s Cay Airport or Stella Maris Airport. It might take up to 18 hours to travel to Long Island by boat.

How Do You Get From One Island to the Next in the Bahamas?

Water taxis run between Nassau and Paradise Island and are widely available throughout the Out Islands. Bahamas Ferries, which operates between Nassau and Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama Island, The Abacos, Long Island, Andros, and The Exumas, is the most popular inter-island ferry service.

Is a Ferry to the Bahamas Available?

Only one ferry operator, Balearia Caribbean, operates a route between the United States and Grand Bahama. The Fort Lauderdale to Freeport ferry service runs on a weekly basis, with sailing times ranging from 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Is It Pricey To Use a Cab in the Bahamas?

Taxis can be prohibitively expensive, especially during peak season. Taxis from Nassau will carry you across the bridge to Paradise Island. It shouldn’t cost more than $5 per person to attend. Depending on Bay Street traffic, rides take 5 to 10 minutes.

Is It Safe To Visit the Bahamas?

The majority of crime happens on the islands of New Providence (Nassau) and Grand Bahama (Freeport). In Nassau, be cautious in the “Over the Hill” neighbourhood (south of Shirley Street). Burglaries, armed robberies, and sexual assault sometimes occur, but they are uncommon in tourist regions.

Do You Tip in the Bahamas?

The amount you tip in the Bahamas is determined by where you are and the services you are purchasing. As a general rule, expect to tip roughly 10% of the bill. If you receive great service, reward them with a tip of between 15-20%.

Can You Drink Tap Water in the Bahamas?

The tap water in the Bahamas is normally of acceptable quality, and the safety of the water is well controlled. There are, nevertheless, some measures that smart travellers will want to take in any hot tropical region. To begin with, while tap water is generally considered to be safe, you can still choose bottled water.

What Can’t You Bring With You to the Bahamas?

Meat, supplies, fruits and vegetables, and any other items intended for human consumption that are deemed inappropriate are seized. prints, paintings, pictures, booklets, cards, lithographic or other engravings, or any other indecent or obscene item.

In Exuma, Bahamas, the Best Place To Stay Is?

Staniel Cay, one of these islands, is the true star of the show. Staniel Cay offers the most authentic Bahamian experience, solidifying its reputation as the best spot to stay in Exuma.