Salto Del Tequendama: The Fall of the Falls

Salto Del Tequendama

Salto Del Tequendama is a stunning waterfall located just outside Bogota, Colombia. If you’re looking for a cheap but beautiful day trip in Colombia, Salto Del Tequendama is perfect for you. However, despite being very beautiful, it’s not as well known worldwide. So, in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Salto Del Tequendama!

Salto Del Tequendama- The Fall of the Falls:

Salto Del Tequendama is one of Colombia’s most spectacular sights. Just 90 minutes away from Bogota, the lesser-known Salto Del Tequendama is a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. However, even with all its beauty, this incredible waterfall has a couple of downsides. First, you cant view the falls from their base. And second, it’s polluted water. But aside from some downsides, Salto Del Taquendama is a fascinating place you should visit!

Where Is Salto Del Tequendama?

Salto Del Tequendama is located just outside the capital of Colombia. The beautiful waterfall is around 90 minutes away from Bogota. So if you’re staying in Bogota by any chance, it shouldn’t be too hard to get to Salto Del Taquendama. 

While it may not be as familiar to tourists, the locals are still quite familiar with this beautiful sight. So, you can simply get a minibus or a car to get there! 

Salto Del Tequendama- The Fall of the Falls:

How To Get To Salto Del Tequendama? 

Now that you know where Salto Del Taquendama is, it’s time to make your way over there. For that, I can recommend you a few options. The first is, taking a collective bus. 

1. Collective Bus 

A couple of collective buses go to Salto Del Tequendama from Bogota. These buses will cost you only a few bucks but will take you to your destination in no time! Also, these buses are much safer than going there alone. 

2. Minibus

The second option is taking a minibus. From Terminal Salitre, you can get on a minibus that goes to Salto Del Tequendama. Be sure to let the driver know where you want to go so that he drops you off safely. This trip will take you only about an hour and 30 minutes. 

3. Private Car 

Lastly, you can go by yourself in a rented car. I would not suggest doing that as you can easily get lost. But, if you’re confident enough, why not! Just be sure to have your GPS on, and it should work out. The good thing is, a car ride would take you much less time. 

Can You Swim In The Salto Del Tequendama River? 

No, you cant swim in the Salto Del Tequendama river. There are a few reasons for this. But a few very good reasons for that! The Tequendama river flows through the Bogota River, which is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. 

Where Is Salto Del Tequendama?

There have been many attempts to improve the water. But the water continues to be contaminated by sewage and rubbish. As a result, the water is notorious for smelling very bad. And if you look closely, it’s very visible how dirty the water of Salto Del Tequendama is. 

The foamed up and the unclear deep water is not something I recommend you jump in. Moreover, there isn’t much security in case of any accidents. This is mainly because seeing the waterfalls from its base is not allowed. So, it’s best to stay at a distance and to enjoy the beauty from afar. 

The History And The Myths Of Hotel Del Salto:

The historic Hotel Del Salto is one of the things you will get to see during your visit to the waterfalls. The gothic structure and its haunting look are ones that cannot be missed. The hotel was built in the early 1920s and was used until the 1980s. 

After the 1980s, the hotel was completely abandoned and stayed that way until 2010. So, what happened after that? The hotel became a ghost story. During the Spanish raid, many Muisca, the native of Bacata, would escape their horrific fates by jumping off the edge of The Hotel Del Salto. 

This was because the natives were constantly put through horrific tortures. They were being raped, murdered, or killed. Some were being forced into slavery. And for these poor natives, the only way out was death. As a result, some natives believed they would be incarnated as hawks and forever free when they jumped off the edge. 

But the suicides didn’t stop even after the hotel was abandoned. Many stories are still heard to this day of people jumping off the edge of this historic building. Many myths since then formed, the most famous one being ‘The hotel Is haunted.’ 

The History And The Myths Of Hotel Del Salto:

Today, the hotel still hasn’t lost the look of looking like a haunted old hotel. But the purpose has changed. The hotel now stands as the Tequendama House Museum. Open only on Saturdays and Sundays with a very nice guided tour! 

Del Salto has given this hotel a second chance, and so should you! Lots of history is connected to this place. And while the ghost myths may never be confirmed, they’re fun stories to hold on to! 

What’s The Best Time To Visit The Salto Del Tequendama? 

Honestly, the biggest reason so many ghost stories surround Del Salto has to be its weather. One minute it’s all blue skies and sunshine, and suddenly it’s raining with dark clouds surrounding it. Bogota is the world’s 5th highest city, sitting at 2600 meters. 

Because of this reason, the weather is very unpredictable. Unlike many other places in the world, it’s tough to predict what the weather in Del Salto might be. But the best time to visit has to be on a clear day. 

When it rains, it’s pretty hard to see the Salto Del Tequendama. The amount of fog and very harsh rain makes it impossible to enjoy the scenery. One thing to remember is Bogota usually has less rain in the mornings. So try to plan your visit accordingly. 

Visit The Salto Del Tequendama Musuem: 

If you’re already there, you might also visit the Salto Del Museum. This incredible museum is set inside the historic Hotel Del Salto. After being abandoned in the 1980s, the hotel was turned into a museum after almost a decades of work. 

The museum is open on Saturday and Sunday and offers guided tours. The downside is the tour is in Spanish. But the passion of the guide is enough for you to enjoy the whole tour. So, I would recommend you get the tour! 

Visit The Salto Del Tequendama Musuem: 

Can You Get Food In Salto Del Tequendama? 

Yes, you can! Though you might not need it, the stay in Salto Del isn’t usually that long for most people. But something about sitting by a waterfall and eating grilled meat excited me! This is something you can try out too! 

There are a few grills and bakery-ish stores around the street where you can get food for yourself. You can even get a few sandwiches and enjoy the view with a snack! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where Is Tequendama Falls Located? 

Ans: southwest of Bogotá in the municipality of Soacha. 

Q. What Is The Name Of The Waterfall In Colombia?

Ans: Salto del Tequendama

Q. What Happened To The Tequendama Hotel? 

Ans: The hotel Del Salto was turned into a museum. 

Q. Why Is Hotel Del Salto Haunted? 

Ans: According to legend, the indigenous Muisca people would leap off the nearby Tequendama Falls to escape Spanish conquistadors

Q. Which Waterfall Is Southwest Of The Capital Bogota?

Ans: Tequendama Falls. 


The Salto Del Teqendama is an underrated place to visit. So many people still don’t know about this incredible sight. But this cheap and short visit is one of the more memorable ones you might have in your life! 

So, if this article raised your interest even a bit, check out the beautiful Salto Del Tequenda when you get the chance! Until that, Goodbye!