Things to Do in Adairsville Georgia (Don’t Fall in the Trap)

Things to Do in Adairsville Georgia

Have you ever been to a new area and felt compelled to return or had a strong desire to travel? It happens in Adairsville for many guests. And we, therefore, compiled a range of things to do in Adairsville and the surrounding area.

Don’t let Adairsville’s lack of popularity deceive you. Adairsville is a modest yet lovely up-and-coming tourist area worth visiting. While heading to Atlanta or Helen, you should definitely stop here for a few hours. You might want to return sometime to Adairsville to take a vacation and unwind.

Adairsville, Georgia is a little town steeped in history and charm located just outside of Rome, Georgia. It’s a nice and attractive village with one of the most interesting histories in the area. Adairsville was named after Chief John Adair, a Cherokee Indian.

A little about Adairsville Georgia:

Adairsville, located in the Oothcalooga Valley, was the first Georgia town to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in its entirety. Visitors may still see the original depot where the steam engine “General” of the legendary Great Locomotive Chase was pursued during the Civil War. The Adairsville Welcome Centre is located in the 1847 Railroad Depot.

The 1902 Stock Exchange & Public Square Opera House has antiques and souvenirs, while Maggie Mae’s Tea Room serves lunch. In the 170-acre historic district, stroll down tree-lined alleys and wonder at old homes and churches. Barnsley Resort, an 1840s estate only five miles outside of Adairsville, offers a magnificent stay complete with restaurants, a spa, gardens, and a tough par-72 golf course designed by Tom Fazio.

Every year in October, the whole town of Adairsville gets together to reenact The Great Locomotive Chase, which took place during the Civil War on April 12, 1862. It celebrates the heroic soldiers who tracked and halted a Southern train hijacked by Northern spies before it reached the Tennessee Valley.

The list of amazing things you can do in Adairsville, Georgia:

In this section, we have tried to jot down the best places to visit in Adairsville, Georgia!

The Church on the Public Square’s corner:

Adairsville has always attracted intriguing people due to its unique characteristics. One of the most amazing sites we have ever been to is only a few miles outside of Adairsville. The Gardens in Barnsley!

Barnsley Gardens is a genuinely unique location. Godfrey Barnsley, an Englishman, erected the house for his wife around 1840. His wife, however, died before the house was completed. Barnsley sensed the presence of his wife pressing him to finish the house for himself and his children later.

When the Civil War broke out, Union soldiers looted the residence. Barnsley eventually relocated to New Orleans, where he died. The manor was passed down via his four generations. A tornado blew off the roof in 1906, and the main house was destroyed.

The Church on the Public Square's corner

The Beer Garden at Barnsley Garden :

Barnsley Gardens are especially beautiful in the winter. In front of the beer garden, there are fire pits and heaters. We recommend you drink hot chocolate or coffee, or have a beer while relaxing in front of the fire. The home ruins are magnificently lighted and spectacular throughout the Christmas season.

The Gardens at Barnsley Gardens :

If the charming town isn’t enough to entice you, we might add that Adairsville is conveniently located between Cartersville and Calhoun on HWY 75. It even has a Cracker Barrell of its own! The Tellus Museum, The Calhoun Outlets, The Garden, and the New Echota Historic Site are all within walking distance. In and around Adairsville, there is a lot to see and do.

Other things to keep in mind:

In this section, we tried to jot down the other things to keep in mind while visiting Adairsville. If you are someone who wants to know more about Adairsville and if settling there is what you prefer, we have just the thing. Once a year, you may take a tour of the homes and hear from the residents. Adairsville takes pride in its history and traditions.

Beautiful and affordable large lots and farms with acres of land:

Many homes in Adairsville have land or lots that are bigger than typical. Adairsville is a fantastic spot to look if you’re looking for a farm or ranch home close to the city. Adairsville is still a short drive from Cartersville, Calhoun, and Acworth, and houses are reasonably priced. The average price per square foot in Adairsville is $106, compared to a hundred and eight dollars in Cartersville, according to Property taxes are somewhat higher in Cartersville, at 2.97 percent of assessed value, compared to 3.12 percent in Adairsville.

Continuing, Steady Growth & Development:

Adairsville is expanding and attracting big manufacturing and development projects. The Development Authority granted a $42.5 million bond for Vista Metals, a California-based aluminum products maker, in November to help the company expand its operations in north Bartow.

Real estate developers are also taking notice of the rise. Private developers started construction in July on a 252,000-square-foot speculative project on farmland between Adairsville and Calhoun, between US 41 and I-75. 3 Ashley Capital, a real estate investment business, began site construction on two 500,000-square-foot spec buildings at the Georgia North Industrial Park off Ga. 140 in Adairsville in October.

It’s the Safest City in Bartow:

Adairsville has been named the safest city in Bartow County for the second year in a row, at number 42 on the list of Georgia’s Top 50 Safest Cities. SafeWise, which provides online advice on home security and safety, developed the Top 50 list.

Even as Adairsville expands, the city government is willing to keep the city secure. In a recent article, Adairsville Mayor Kenneth Carson stated, “The mayor and council have always prioritized public safety.” Our police force has the support of the community, which is critical for proactive patrol. We expect to confront more issues as our community expands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Adairsville’s claim to fame?

Barnsley Gardens, a luxury resort located southwest of Barnsley Gardens Road, is another attraction in Adairsville. Godfrey Barnsley of Savannah built the house for his wife Julia in the 1840s. The main house’s reinforced ruins are still standing, surrounded by lovely gardens.

Q. Is it a decent location to live in Adairsville, Georgia?

Adairsville has been named the safest city in Bartow County for the second year in a row, at number 42 on the list of Georgia’s Top 50 Safest Cities. SafeWise, which provides online advice on home security and safety, developed the Top 50 list.

Q. Is Adairsville, Georgia a rural area?

Adairsville’s inhabitants enjoy a suburban-rural mix, and the majority of them own their houses. There are several parks in Adairsville. Adairsville is home to many families, and its citizens are conservative. Adairsville’s public schools are above average.

Q. Where did the name Adairsville come from?

Adairsville, in Georgia’s Oothcalooga Valley, was the first town to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in its entirety (December 1987). The name was inspired by Chief John Adair, a Scottish pioneer who married a Cherokee Indian girl and whose marriage inspired the town’s name.

Q. Adairsville, Georgia was named after whom?

The Adairs, early Scotch pioneers who lived among the Cherokees, were honored with the name Adairsville. Prior to the Revolutionary War, three Adair brothers arrived in America, two of them traveling south and the other returning to England.

Q. Is Adairsville getting bigger?

It is the 137th biggest city in Georgia and the 4737th largest city in the United States, with a population of 5,080 in 2020. Adairsville is expanding at a pace of 0.77 percent each year, and its population has risen by 9.29 percent since the 2010 census, which reported a population of 4,648 people.

Q. Cartersville, Georgia is notable for what?

Cartersville brings history to life with museums, restored Victorian-era mansions, and a bustling downtown shopping and dining center. Make sure to check it out: The Booth Western Art Museum has the country’s biggest permanent display of Western art, as well as a one-of-a-kind gallery of hand-signed letters from every U.S. president.