Things To Do In Campton Kentucky (The Secrets)

Things To Do In Campton Kentucky

Campton is a small town in Kentucky with just around 500 habitants. The town might be smaller than the other towns in America but don’t let its size fool you. Campton is one of the more charming places to visit in America with many outdoor and indoor activities for you to do. And of course, the natural beauty of Kentucky is like no other. 

Campton was originally a camp town with a small creek named Swift Creek after Jonathan Swift. There’s a legend that states Jonathan Swift hid tressure in the area of Swift Silvermine that is yet to be recovered. 

If you are someone who’s looking for a break from your very busy life, Campton can be that place for you. While Campton might not be as big as some of the world’s other travel destinations, it’s still a place filled with natural beauty and offers many fun activities to make your trip memorable. So, pack your bags, and let’s get right into it! 

Why Campton, Kentucky should be your next travel destination?

Why Campton, Kentucky should be your next travel destination

When you think about a place to travel to, your brain doesn’t immediately go to Campton, Kentucky. A big reason for this might be how underrated Campton is as a travel destination by itself. The quaint town is adored by the locals and charming in many ways to anybody who visits. It’s one of those towns that just surprises you with its beauty. 

With many trail towns and beautiful natural attractions Campton, Kentucky offers a variety of things you can do on your next vacation. After all, you make many plans and make time to go to a whole new place just to have some fun.

The best part about Campton is how welcoming the town is to the visitors, they take you in right away almost like you’re a local. 

However, a travel destination is only as good as the things you can do in that place. Luckily for you, Campton offers many fun things you can do and in this article, I will be listing my pick of the bunch. So, read through the article to know about some of the things you can do in Campton in a much more detailed manner. 

Things to do in Campton, Kentucky: 

Now, time to talk about some of the activities you can take part in during your stay in Campton, so let’s get right into it: 

1. Hike or Bike in the Rail Trails in Campton, Kentucky:

Hike or Bike in the Rail Trails in Campton, Kentucky

If you like hiking or biking you should definitely check out some of Campton’s Rail trails. These trails are surrounded by historic sights and beautiful greenery, which is perfect for hikers and bikers. However, to make things easy for you we will be talking about three trails in particular ranging from short to a little longer in distance. 

Brighton East Rail Trail:

The Brighton East Rail Trail first opened in 2007. This trail was originally around 1 mile long, however, in 2013 it was stretched out to another mile. Today the furthest this trail takes you is the Liberty Park Trail. This trail is much shorter than the others on this list and is perfect for a hike. 

Go on a hike on the Brighton East Rail Trail and experience the beauty surrounding the trail. Also, you are much more likely to come across people during your hike, so if you need directions or any help you can ask them for that too. The people around Campton are quite helpful and would be quite happy to help you out. 

Brighton East Rail Trail

Dawkins Line Rail Trail:

Now, let’s talk about a slightly bigger trail in Kentucky, The Dawkins Rail Trail. This trail is the longest rail trail in Kentucky, with a distance of 36 miles. The Dawkins Rail Trail spans from Hagerhill to Evanston in the eastern part of the state. So, should you go on a hike there? probably not as the trail would take you ages to finish hiking. 

Instead, the trail accommodates bicyclists, horseback riders, and runners. However, the trail is the most famous for being an adventure tourism attraction. During your journey through the trail, you’ll pass through Eastern Kentucky’s Appalachian region, the relics from the coal industry, Gun Creek Tunnel, and many more. 

For me, the Dawkins line trail was a whole other adventure on its own. History paired up with the beauty of nature, you just can’t go wrong with that. So, Dakins Line Rail Trail is surely a place for you to visit. 

Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail

Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail:

The Prestonburg Passage Rail Trail is the most recently opened passage trail on this list. Opened in August 2020, The Prestonburg Passage Rail Trail is one of the best places you can visit during your time in Campton, Kentucky. The trail begins in Prestonsburg and ends at the coal town of David. 

Most of this trail is surrounded by trees and many areas where the sky opens to expose the countryside surrounding the trail. It’s a breathtaking trail with the beauty you only see in films. So, do not forget to visit this historic trail during your time in Campton. 

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

2. Go skiing at the Steven Pass ski area:

If you’re into snow sports, this is the place for you. Preferably if you’re visiting Campton during Winter, the Steven Pass is an amazing ski resort that offers many types of snow sports opportunities.

Some of the best things you can do here are going skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing, etc. You will usually be paired up with a trainer if you are new to skiing. 

Another reason I would recommend you to go there during winter is how beautiful it looks during that time. Most of the area is surrounded by a forest and it’s a visual treat during winter, with most of the trees being covered in a fresh snowfall. If you are visiting with your family or friends and want to spend a fun time, Steven pass is the perfect place for you. 

skiing at the Steven Pass ski area

3. Go boating at the Red River in Campton:

If you love boat rides through forests the Red River is an amazing little river region you can visit. Boats can be rented and you can go from start to end and experience the beautiful forests of Campton. Sometimes during a trip, it’s good to strip it down and relax a little bit and a boat ride through the Red River does that for you. 

boating at the Red River in Campton

4. Go rock climbing in the mountains of Campton:

Rock climbing is one of the most thrilling things you can do in Campton. Kentucky is filled with mountains that allow rock climbing and in Campton, you can do it too. Now, to rock climb first thing you need to do is to contact one of the mountain guides. In Campton, the best mountain guides are the Southeast Mountain Guides. 

You don’t have to do much either, just contact them and they’ll show you the rest. You will be monitored by a professional and all safety precautions will be taken. Even if you’ve never done it before, you should try it out as it is one of those experiences everyone should have. 

rock climbing in the mountains of Campton

5. Visit the Chalet Antiques Barn & Museum:

If you are a fan of antiques like me, you must visit the Chalet antique shop. The charming little antique shop merged with a small museum is run by an old lady, whose name we couldn’t catch. But the whole time of us being there felt like a dream. If you are looking to buy gifts for your family or friends this antique shop is the best place for that. 

Apart from that, there’s also a small museum merged with the antique shop which houses some pieces of Campton’s history. Sadly, there are rumors of the precious antique shop closing down very soon, so go see it while you still can! 

Chalet Antiques Barn & Museum

6. Get food at the Red River Rockhouse:

While you visit the Red River, make sure you check out the Red River Rockhouse restaurant. Food is an integral part of any trip. Often times we even judge how good a place is depending on how good the food there tastes. In that case, Red River Rockhouse has some of the best all-American bites you can get around Campton. 

From burgers to tacos to hummus wraps this place has everything. It’s a great place for kids and of course, the view is quite beautiful. Since it is just by the Red River the cool breeze and natural environment really elevate the experience there. So, if you’re looking for a bite try out the Red River Rockhouse in Campton. 

Red River Rockhouse

7. Get yourself a drink at Joe’s Cantina:

Joe’s Cantina is one of the most wholesome places in Campton. Right as you walk into the bar you can really notice the diversity of the town. Not only that but you can see how happy everyone is in each other’s presence, something about that can really lift your mood up. Especially if you are visiting with friends, this is the place you can let loose or relax a little bit. 

A night out in Campton is surely a must-have for your to-do list in Campton. And Joe’s Cantina for me is the right place for that.

Though people are drinking no one seems to have lost their minds to a point where it’s uncomfortable. But instead, everyone just seems to be having a laugh. And life requires more of that! 

drink at Joe's Cantina

8. Go Bowling at the Fugate’s Bowl-A-Rama:

One thing I like to do wherever I visit is a bowl. I love bowling with friends as it brings a lot of laughter out and is a fun little sport to play with friends. Even if you are visiting with your family, the Fugates Bowl-A-Rama is a great place in Campton for you and your loved ones to spend some quality time. 

Bowling at the Fugate's Bowl-A-Rama

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Where is Campton? 

Ans: Campton is in Kentucky, USA. 

Q. What’s the population of Campton, Ky? 

Ans: The population of Campton, KY is just around 500 people. 

Q. Where is the Red River located? 

Ans: The red river is located in Campton, Ky. 

Q. Are the people of Campton welcoming to the outside visitors? 

Ans: Yes, the people of Campton are known to be quite welcoming of outside visitors. 

Q. Is Campton safe to visit? 

Ans: Yes, Campton, Ky is safe to visit. 


Altogether Campton is more suited for short stays than longer vacations. While Campton, KY does offer many things you can do, they still are pretty limited, so make the best out of your time there.