Things To Do In Delta Utah (Things You Don’t Know)

Things To Do In Delta Utah

Delta is the largest city in Millard County, Utah. While it may not be as popular as the other cities in the US, Delta is still one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. Delta is much smaller compared to your usual tourist destinations. However, don’t let that fool you, in this article, I will be listing some of the best things you can do in Delta, Utah. 

Delta was once known as Burtner. And the area of Burtner was a delta of the river Sevier. Later on, in 1911 Burtner was named after its purpose as Delta. Since then Delta, Utah has changed a lot but the charm remains the same.

During my visit, something that stood out to me was the grounded nature of the city and of course the charming locals.

So, maybe you’re planning on visiting Delta but you’re not sure what to do or where to go once you are here. For this reason, I listed a few things that I did during my visit which made my trip memorable and fun. Now, it’s your turn so let’s learn a little bit about Delta, Utah. 

Why visit Delta Utah? 

I visited Delta, Utah with a couple of my friends a few months ago and it remains one of my best trips yet. There are many tourist destinations around the world but Delta is like no other. It surely isn’t as huge as the amazon nor is it as green but the city of Delta can surprise you if you give it a chance. 

Initially, I didn’t know what to expect and I just thought of Delta as a quiet place in the middle of nowhere. But the more I explored the more surprised I got. Delta is surely an unusual place, from its awkward weather cycles to its beautiful sights, it’s a city that everyone should visit. 

Many say that a city’s heart is its people. And Delta, Utah has some of the most charming and welcoming locals I’ve ever come across. Whenever we faced a roadblock it was the locals who came forward to help us out. In fact, we even made some friends who live in Delta during our visit. So, it surely is a place that just feels like home. 

Things to do in Delta, Utah:

Now, let’s talk about some of the things you can do in Delta, Utah: 

1. Explore Utah’s Little Sahara

While Utah is mostly known for its snowy mountains and red rock cliffs, there is a Sevier Desert that spreads through the middle of the state. This start desert is named The Little Sahara. The Little Sahara is a playground for ATV enthusiasts and those who love sand sports in general. 

The Little Sahara is located around 115 miles southwest of Salt Lake City and is just around an hour’s drive away. Most of the area is surrounded by sand which gives it a remote feel. So, are you ready to go on your own ATV adventure on dunes towering up to 700 feet? 

And don’t worry, you won’t be alone during your visit as almost 300,000 people are known to visit the Little Sahara every year. I would suggest not going there during the weekends and holidays, as it’s the busiest during that time. Another thing you should remember is the dune can get extremely hot, hence plan your visit very carefully. 

Now, let’s talk about some important details you should know. Firstly, there is a camp area where you will have fresh water, toilets, a resting area, etc. If you require a guide you will be able to get one from the camp area as well. For the price, you might have to spend around 120$. 

2. Delta’s famous U-Dig Fossils 

U-Dig Fossils is one of the more interesting adventures on this list. The whole adventure takes place at a private trilobite quarry an hour west of Delta. This private land shelters some of the world’s richest collections of trilobites, and U-Dig Fossils is an adventure where you try to dig out your own fossils. 

The best part is, whatever you find you keep it for yourself. During the hunt for these fossils, we got to enjoy the forest too. And seeing all the people around us trying to look for their own fossils brought out the kids in us. It’s a very fun little adventure that you can go on and if you have kids with you, they will surely enjoy it a lot. 

3. Visit the historical Van’s Dance Hall 

The Vance dance hall is the place many World War 2 veterans met their wives. The dance hall was once voted the best dance hall in America. However, these days the hall sits empty but with many beautiful memories. The Dance hall was closed in the 1960s but has been preserved by the Delta residents. 

The Vance dance hall is open to visitors and you can visit the historic hall for free. However, visitors aren’t allowed inside the premises as the work to restore the landmark hall is still going on. Maybe one day more love stories will begin in this dance hall just like they did once before. 

During my time in Delta, I got to learn a lot of things relating to the history of the place. Learning about the Van’s Dance Hall and seeing it with my own eyes, later on, was an incredible experience. The beauty of the dance hall just left behind just feels so symbolic. And the history tied to it makes it a unique place to visit. 

4. Visit The Topaz Museum 

During world war 2 the Japanese Americans set camp at the Topaz Internment Camp. While the camp’s buildings were cleared after the war, most of the remaining land is still preserved in Delta. And in this land, you will find the Topaz Museum where you can find many artifacts of the war and see live films narrating the horror stories of WW2. 

Just to stand where the brave soldiers of WW2 once stood was a great honor. And just exploring some of the desert-scape of the Topaz Camp just felt otherworldly. If you are someone who likes to learn about historic wars like world war 2, this place will surely take your breath away. So be sure to visit! 

5. Go water skiing and boating at the Gunnison Bend Reservoir 

One of my favorite places that I visited in Delta was the Gunnison Bend Reservoir. Here, you can ski, boat and take part in other water sports. The place is very nicely organized and overall a beautiful place to relax and take a break. Most importantly, it’s completely free to enter. 

The reservoir offers many types of water sports for you to try out. A peninsula in the lake helps keep the large waves from forming and the shallow depth keeps the water warm and fresh. You can even hire a trainer if you need to form the reservoir’s main office. 

I had never taken part in any type of watersports before, so for me, the whole experience was incredibly memorable. I also loved how the place wasn’t as crowded as the other places in Delta. Hence, my whole time there was quite adventurous but relaxing at the same time. I highly suggest you check it out if you are someone who’s a little sporty! 

6. Learn about Delta’s history from the Great Basin Historical Museum 

One thing you should always do when visiting a new place is learning about the place’s history. This makes the stay even more interesting and it also gives you an idea as to which places you should visit. For this, the best place is The Great Basin Historical Museum. 

This historical museum is home to the ever-so-interesting past of Delta. They exhibit many historical objects and photos which tell many stories relating to Delta’s past. Also, this museum showcases many rare fossils and local rocks but also offers some in-depth knowledge about them. 

If you are traveling with kids, this is a great place for them to learn about a new place and its history. Apart from that the museum surely takes you back in time and it’s a place you should surely visit during your time in Delta. 

7. The Delta Snow Goose Festival 

Time for something a little more unusual but very interesting. Every spring thousands of geese fly over Delta on their annual 3,000-mile migration back to Canada. During their travels from their California winter home, they like to take a break in Delta. And this is when Delta hosts the Annual Delta Snow Goose Festival, mainly during February. 

The most fun and funniest thing to do here is to take part in the wild goose chase. If you manage to catch your own wild goose you might get a hefty reward. In fact, I and my friend both participated, we didn’t win but maybe you can! 

Apart from the goose chase, there are many craft shops, food vendors, and a very festive vibe which makes the stay quite fun and something you should check out too. 

8. Visit the Eureka Ghost Town 

The Eureka ghost town is located just between Salt Lake City and Delta and was founded in 1870. The historic place gained population when gold and silver were discovered. But soon after, the place got abandoned due to the lack of resources. However, today almost 600-800 people still call Eureka their home.

The historic buildings of Eureka are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and you can go and visit the place for yourself. You can also visit the Tintic Mining Museum which shelters much of the past of Eureka. 

9. Visit the Great Basin National Park 

One of the country’s least-visited national parks is the Great Basin, National Park. The reason for this is its remote location. However, you can and should still visit the park as it is incredibly beautiful. The Great Basin park is home to the state’s second-highest mountain (almost 13,000 ft) and is surrounded by caves and many ancient trees. 

The best thing to do when you visit the park is to go on a cave tour. Cave tours are fascinating and there’s quite a lot you can learn from them. Also, discover the world’s oldest known living trees on bristlecone pine trails to Wheeler Peak. And lastly, check out the Eagle peak and Mount Washington. 

10. Visit The Great Stone Face 

The great stone face gets its name from early pioneers allegedly seeing the face of their slain Prophet Joseph Smith in the rocks. These days the Large basalt stone is a place of pilgrimage for Delta residents. 

To reach the great stone face mountain, you will need to go on a short hike. I would suggest going on the hike early morning or during the later end of the day as the view is truly incredible. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is the Delta, Utah? 

Ans: Delta Utah is in Millard County, United States. 

Q. What is the weather like in Delta, Utah? 

Ans: Daytime highs in the winter are usually above freezing, but nighttime lows drop well below freezing, occasionally falling below 0 °F or −17.8 °C. 

Q. What’s the population of Delta, Utah? 

Ans: The population of Delta Utah is around 3.5k people. 

Q. What is the largest city in Utah? 

Ans: The largest city in Utah is Salt lake city. 

Q. What is the Zip Code of Delta Utah? 

Ans: 84624 


Delta, Utah is a beautiful city that should be given more attention. The people are charming and the historic places are beautiful. Also, the never-ending array of things you can do here just makes it the perfect place to visit.