Things to Do in Greater Napanee: The Ultimate Guide!

If you are planning a road trip through Ontario, look no further than Napanee. Napanee, which is only 40 minutes from Kingston, is an ideal day excursion from the city. Napanee is a fantastic weekend escape in Ontario, about 3 hours from Toronto and 4 hours from Niagara Falls (depending on traffic).

The region of Lennox and Addington, which stretches from Napanee to Kaladar and up to Denbigh, puts a packed schedule into its woodlands and lakes. It includes some fantastic tourist destinations for families who want to play, swim, climb, or work with bees, birds, and even rescued animals. From tip to tail, there is a lot to discover.

What is the location of Napanee, Ontario?

Napanee is located in southeast Ontario, approximately 45 kilometers from Kingston.

How to get there?

The 2.5-hour journey is ideal for a weekend retreat or a pit break along the route to Kingston, Ottawa, or Montreal. If you leave after rush hour on the 401, you will arrive in Napanee by the evening.

Activities in Greater Napanee:

Napanee, a small town with a lot to offer both residents and visitors, is a great place to visit. Despite its small population of 5000 people, there seem to be a variety of fantastic places to visit! 

The Canadian Piano Museum:

This little museum in Napanee honors the 1800s Canadian piano and instrument industries. You may listen to the music of a 19th-century harpsichord or admire the artistry of the ancient gramophones on show.

This is a great place to visit if you are interested in esoteric history, and the museum itself is historic.

Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives:

The tale of Lennox and Addington County’s settlement and historical growth is presented in a range of themed displays housed within the ancient County Gaol.

Artifacts from the Museum & Archives’ textiles, furniture, domestic arts, tools, and equipment collections are shown on a rotating basis. Guest exhibitions are also offered on a regular basis.

Waterfront of Napanee:

The community is extremely lucky to have the beautiful Napanee River running through the center of town. There are several sites to appreciate it, but the most well-known is the Napanee Conservation Park. There is a public dock, a launch location, a covered pavilion, riverfront picnic tables, and more here! It is the ideal setting for some sun and a stroll across the park. Do not miss the interpretive signs, which explain more about the Napanee ecosystem, local architecture, river legends, and more!

Another advantage is that the waterfront is only one street from Dundas Street, which is lined with restaurants and shopping. Remember to take a picture with the Greater Napanee banner on the bridge!

City Hall:

The Greater Napanee Town Hall is a stately 19th-century structure with imposing columns and a dazzling white façade. The majestic hall, which dates from 1856, is a National Historic Site of Canada.

The building is largely workplaces and the town council offices on the inside, but you must view it from the exterior. The City Hall is a significant part of Napanee’s heritage and a must-visit on your Napanee trip.

A stroll along the Riverwalk:

Follow the route on the southern side of the Napanee Bridge once you have finished visiting Napanee Conservation Park. This is where you will discover the town’s lovely Riverwalk, which runs parallel to the Napanee River’s waterfront. It is an easy stroll with modest slopes that is excellent for people of all fitness levels since it is a blend of beachfront and paved asphalt.

You will notice a variety of historic markers when strolling down the Riverwalk, in addition to the peaceful surroundings. 

Old Post Office:

The Napanee Post Office, another Canadian National Historic Site, is a regional landmark in the heart of Napanee’s downtown, its historic center. This is the sole structure in town made of limestone and brick, and it was built in 1887. It also has a magnificent clock tower, which has become a defining part of the town’s skyline.

Napanee Golf and Country Club:

Napanee Golf & Country Club, founded in 1897, is one of Canada‘s oldest nine-hole golf courses. To create a true 18-hole golf experience, dual tee boxes have now been carefully placed on each hole. The course has towering stands of fir, birch, and pine trees, gently sloping fairways, and quick and true greens. Napanee is indeed not only one of the area’s “must play” golf resorts, but it is one of the area’s “must-see” golf courses.

The Napanee Golf & Country Club is 35 kilometers west of Kingston and 3.6 kilometers south of the 401 from the Highway 41 / Center Street Exit.

Allan Macpherson House:

Since 1826, the Allan Macpherson House has stood gracefully upon the shores of the Napanee River, patiently awaiting your arrival. During the summer months, the building is available for visits and serves as an extra exhibition area for the Lennox & Addington Museum & Archives.

Regular heritage seminars and demonstrations are held at the House. The structure and grounds are also an excellent location for outdoor musical and dramatic events.

Napanee Falls at Springside Park:

The Napanee Riverwalk will take you directly to Springside Park —  where Napanee Falls can be found!

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the river as it flows through various depths as the Napanee River drops roughly 6 meters at the park. It does not have the same dramatic drop as other waterfalls in Niagara, but it is still a beautiful sight to watch. Napanee Falls may even be viewed at night because they are illuminated when the town goes dark!

The Napanee Mills, which were authorized by the Canadian Government in 1785, were also located here. 

Napanee Conservation Park:

This park is popular among residents and has several picturesque walking and bicycling pathways. For the little ones, there is also a large playground including swings and a jungle gym.

Napanee River:

There are lots of paddling options along the 218-kilometer length of the river, which flows from Camden Lake to the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario. Fortunately, there are two in the middle of town: one at Napanee Conservation Park ($2 launch charge) and the other at the King Street wharf.

The Napanee River is a great place to start paddling if you’re a novice. This canal is twisted and turned by tall trees, providing a variety of lovely vistas. The river’s serenity also means you will have a better opportunity to see some animals.

Lansing Gifts and Starlet:

If you are looking for souvenirs in Napanee, you will not be disappointed with Lansing Gifts & Gallery. Many ladies also browse in other districts of Ontario, such as Kingston, where there are several lovely boutique establishments to visit.

You may also have a look around at the Starlet. Napanee is a terrific place to shop for women’s clothes, and there are many more stores to explore inside the mall.

Salmon River:

The Salmon River is 135 kilometers long and is named from the amount of Atlantic salmon that can be found there. It flows from Mazinaw Lake to Kennebec Lake, then via a sequence of tiny lakes in Lennox and Addington Counties until reaching the Bay of Quinte at Shannonville, Tyendinaga. As you might expect, there are several possibilities for exploration, but Roblin has a beautiful boat launching that makes getting in the river for a paddle a breeze!

The Salmon River, like the Napanee, bends and swirls between wooded regions and grassy greenspaces. Moreover, it has a far more rustic vibe, giving you the impression that you are very far away from the cities than you actually are. You will certainly need insect spray for this walk since deer flies are rather persistent. A smack with your paddle, though, will keep them at bay!

Hickory Lane Alpacas:

Hickory Lane Alpacas is a fun way to pass the time in Napanee. Few people are not charmed with alpacas, so why not pay a visit to one? The farm is open from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., however, tours do not begin until 10 a.m. They also do yoga lessons with alpacas for youngsters, believe it or not!

The United Empire Loyalist Heritage Center and Park:

The Heritage Center and Park are devoted to preserving this historical area, which was the site of the first party of United Empire Loyalists in 1784. It has 72 acres of heritage, camping, and enjoyment for the whole family, as well as the stunning scenery of the Bay of Quinte. Many people visit the camp to enjoy the day-use area, which has playground facilities, picnic areas, and horseshoe pits.

While there is an entrance charge to the park, you may walk straight through to the communal boat launch. On the Bay of Quinte, you’ll be introduced to fantastic blue waters and some incredible paddling opportunities. A little lagoon to the right of the boat ramp offers stunning views and is the ideal place to while away an hour or two in the summer heat.

UEL Heritage Park Center and Park:

The picturesque Bay of Quinte beachfront and over 70 acres of the property make up this Napanee Park. You will enjoy camping with your children or simply coming over for a relaxing day in the woods. You may set up a tent, relax on the beach, or go birding on the walking paths.

Additional things to do in Greater Napanee:

Obviously, there are just not enough hours in the day, so you might not get to see everything! Here are some more options for activities to do in Greater Napanee if you’re seeking further ideas.

Go to the Hometown Market:

The Napanee Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from June through August. See what tasty foods and pleasures you may discover among the 12 local food and vegetable sellers on the Strathcona Paper Centre’s south lawn!

Cast your line and go fishing:

If you enjoy fishing, there are several excellent places in Napanee and its neighborhood. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Salmon, and Panfish may all be found in rivers like the Napanee River, with Walleye being especially prolific in the spring!

Discover some cycling routes:

There are twelve bicycle routes in the Napanee region, totaling over 600 kilometers of paved paths to explore. It is yet another fantastic method to get to know the area! 

Where to eat at Greater Napanee:

The Greater Napanee has a lot to offer, to both tourists and locals. We can assure you that there is no limitation on delectable meals to be enjoyed.

Coffee Cravings:

Who does not like to begin their day with a cup of delicious coffee? Coffee Cravings, a coffee shop around the neighborhood in Napanee, got you covered whether you like your coffee scorching hot or on ice. The beautiful baristas at Coffee Cravings make some fantastic lattes, cappuccinos, tea lattes, and more. They are continually introducing new seasonal flavors, such as their salted beach beverage – a luscious salted caramel latte. They ground and roast their own beans, so if you love their coffee, you can easily take a sample with you!

If you want to take a break from caffeine, they also provide a variety of excellent smoothies. You may also grab one of their sandwiches to go for a quick and simple lunch, but be warned: they sell out fast!

Loaf & Ale Pub:

No town is complete without some good pub food, and the Loaf & Ale Pub in Napanee is no exception! If you appreciate hearty meals, you will love their menu, which includes British pub favorites like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, meatloaf, and more. They even have a charming sidewalk terrace where live music is frequently performed on weekends!

Every day of the week, Loaf & Ale Pub offers a deal, which is not something you see everywhere! You may have a delicious lunch at a decent cost regardless of when you arrive. Weekday deals are frequently $15 or less!

Santorini Mediterranean Grill:

The Santorini Mediterranean Grill in Napanee provides a broad variety of delicious food! They feature one of the most extensive menus of any Napanee restaurant.

The tables are well-spaced, and while there will be some wonderful music playing on their outside speakers, you should be able to listen to the stream if you sit nearby. It is among the most tranquil patios you will ever get the luxury of sitting on!

Waterfront River Pub & Terrace:

It began life as a brewery in the 1850s before becoming a portion of the Seymour Power and Electrical Company in the early 1900s. In the 1960s, it was a marina, but it shut twenty years later and remained abandoned until 2011.

On their menu, you will discover a mix of typical Canadian pub fare and more distinctive, imaginative meals like their in-house produced Ravioli Duxelles & Scallops! One thing to keep in mind is that their supper menu is only available till 8:00 p.m.

The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace is one of Napanee’s most popular restaurants, so if you are planning on dining there, make a reservation as soon as possible.

Sushi Nori:

In Napanee, there is just one sushi restaurant, and there is no necessity for another! While it is presently only available for take-out, you will instantly note how intimate it is with plenty of high ceilings and modern design. The fact that it was take-out does not distract from the taste of their delectable food! Their red dragon and spicy salmon rolls are highly recommended, but we are sure everything on their menu is wonderful.

Ellena’s Cafe & Pantry:

Ellena’s Cafe & Pantry is a great place to go not just for unusual gift items, but also for a cappuccino and a bite to eat. It is a wonderful place to get something quick if you are in a rush, with lighter stuff including soups, sandwiches, and salads. Ellena’s also offers a wide range of sweet delights such as cakes, pies, and fudge to satiate your sweet craving.

County Bounty:

Although this is not really a restaurant, sampling one of County Bounty’s drinks is a must when visiting Napanee. It is unlike anything you have ever eaten before, with flavors like wild grape ginger and harvested botanical tonic. A variety of their sodas are present in a range of Napanee eateries, or you can grab a couple of bottles to go from their shop or Ellena’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where does Napanee get its popularity from?

We may be biased, but we believe Avril Lavigne was a major reason Napanee became well-known — at least to our generation. However, as you can see from this post, Napanee has a lot to offer. Though it appears like Napanee has some attractive softball teams as well!

Q. Where did the word Napanee come from?

A little googling informs us that Napanee is an Indigenous word that means “place of the mill,” although we are not sure how reliable the information is.

Q. Is it safe to tour in Napanee?

You could run into a few people that are awkward at times, but nobody there is out of the norm. Napanee is a thriving town that continues to expand, which gets more promising by the years!