Things To Do in Hillsville VA (A Must-Do Guide!)


Hillsville, Virginia is a beautiful place to visit because of its rich history and geography. It’s a charming quaint town that’s perfect for a short-term vacation. There’s a lot to explore in Hillsville but if you’ve never been here it can be a little scary. For this reason, in this article, we talk about some of the best things to do in Hillsville VA. 

The town is also unique for its beautiful blue ridge mountains. This gives visitors a chance to explore nature and who doesn’t like hiking? Apart from that, the people of Hillsville are known to be quite charming and hospitable. Moreover, the festive vibe of the town is what makes it special all year round. 

While the town of Hillsville might not be the most famous place to visit in the world, it’s still a good vacation spot. So let’s look at some of the things you can do during your visit to Hillsville.

Things To Do in Hillsville VA:

The quaint town of Hillsville is quite interesting once you look around. Here are the things you can do when you visit Hillsville: 

1. Take a Walk Along the Main Street of Old Downtown

The first thing you should do when you visit Hillsville is walk along the streets of old downtown. This is the best way for you to get the vibe of the town. Old downtown represents the past, present, and future as these main streets are home to many historical events. Apart from that, it’s also a very cute place to walk around. 

There are many restaurants and small shops you can also visit. This is a great way for you to support some of the many local businesses. Also, there are many art galleries that you should check out. 

In old downtown, you will also find, The Carrol County Courthouse, Hale-Wilkinson-Carter Home, Hillsville Diner, and many other 19th century buildings. 

2. The Carroll County Historical Society and Museum

Another great way to learn the rich history of Hillsville is to visit its local museum. Visit the Carroll County Historical Society and travel back to the 19th century with their interactive exhibits. 

There was a time when Native Americans dominated the lands of Southwestern Virginia. When you visit the Carroll County Museum you also learn many things about this. You can even get yourself a guide when you visit the museum. 

3. Beaver Dam Creek Trail 

The Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail is nestled along a creek ridge and is one of the natural attractions of Hillsville. Many visitors take hikes along the creek because of its scenic beauty. In fact, you can encounter many local wildlife and plant species during your hike as well. 

So, if you like to hike, the best place to hike in Hillsville is the Beaver Dam Creek Trail. 

4. Walk Around the Town of Hillsville Visitors Center

If you don’t know what a visitors center is, it’s basically a lot of people of a town coming together to help you understand the town a little better. The Hillsville visitors center is located along the main streets and many of the locals come together and hand out maps, itineraries, and other information about the town. 

The center is open 24/7 and the people running the center are very welcoming. 

5. Visit the Hale- Wilkinson- Carter Home 

Travel back in history by visiting the Hale-Wilkinson-Carter home. In this historic place, you’ll be able to learn many things about the history of Hillsville. The interior, ware, furniture, and other antiquities of the house perfectly recapture how people used to live their lives back in the days. 

The House comes with 13 rooms and all 13 of these rooms shelter different historic pieces. The home was built in 1845. However, it went through some modifications in 1924. Moreover, the house is also known to host different social events in town. 

6. Visit the Farmers Market of Hillsville

Right behind the Hale-Wilkinson-Carter home, you’ll notice a quaint market. This is the farmer’s market of Hillsville. The locals of Hillsville sell freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Apart from that, homemade gourmet foods are famous here. You can even buy many sweets, meat, seafood, pastries, etc from here. 

Scattered around the market are many small food stalls. These stalls offer delicious mouthwatering street food. If you wish to visit the farmer’s market make sure you visit Hillsville from June to October because the market only runs during this time. 

The market also has some small antique shops which you can check out to get gifts for yourself or a loved one back home. 

7. Visit the J. Sidna Allen House 

Sidna Allen was one of the leaders of the infamous Allen Gang from the 90s. They were involved in many historic events in Carroll County such as the 1912 shooting of the Courthouse which claimed 5 lives. The J. Sidna Allen house was built around a year before this incident. 

The Allens house was confiscated by The Virginia State after they were convicted for the shooting incident. However, the J. Sidna Allen House is now on the national register of historic places and you can visit the house yourself. 

It’s truly fascinating how beautiful the interior is and you can also see many historic antiques connected to the backstory of Sidna Allen. 

8. Score a Bargain in the Labor Day Flea Market and See the Gun Show

As the name stands, the labor day Flea market and Gun Show are hosted every year during labor day. The flea market is considered to be the most extensive flea market in the southeast region of the US. Hundreds and thousands of people across Virginia sell, buy, or celebrate labor day weekend in this flea market. 

If you’re lucky you’ll score a bargain from many vendors of food, guns, and artisans. The whole vibe of the town is quite warm and everyone is just enjoying themselves which is a very fun experience to have. People from all walks of life set up their small tents and try to sell their items. 

Also, don’t forget to visit the antique shops in the Flea market, as it is one of a kind. 

9. Dine at the Mason Jar

All this traveling must’ve made you hungry, and we have just the thing to help you with that. Check out the Mason Jar. This classic American bar and restaurant have some of the best food in the town that you can find. 

Mason Jar’s menu mainly focuses on seafood, steaks, burger, and other classic American dishes. There’s also a bar which is divided into its own different sections. So, the place is quite family-friendly. The place is also famous for being almost like a hangout zone for the locals. 

Almost every weekend, open mics are held. Sometimes local bands and musicians also perform. If you’re looking to have a good time around good people with good food, this is the place for you. 

10. Learn the History Behind the Old Carroll County Jail

The old Caroll County Jail or currently known as the Carroll County Jail is a historic place in Hillsville. Many of the locals address the historic landmark as the town’s archaeological footprint.

The county jail was renewed and replaced in 1938 after being built-in 1866. The historic jail held many public hangings. However, in 1960 the structure was demolished. 

The remaining structure of the old Country Jail was preserved by the local historians. And was, later on, declared the town’s Archaeological Footprint’. Today the people of Hillsville welcome you to visit the site and learn the history so precious to them. 

11. Take a Trip to the Blue Ridge Plateau

Now for some natural adventures. Taking a hike over at the Blue Ridge Mountains is definitely something you won’t forget. The mountains are beautiful and the perfect way to connect with nature. 

Altogether there are many things you can do in the town of Hillsville. One thing to know is to be open-minded and try to interact with the people as much as you can, as the people of the town are some of the best ever. Also, the more people you know the more places you’ll be able to know as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Hillsville VA known for? 

Ans: Hillsville VA is known for its rich history. 

Q. What Was the Area of Hillsville Once Called?

Ans: The area that is now known as Hillsville at one time was called Cranberry Plains. 

Q. Is Hillsville VA safe to visit? 

Ans: Yes, it is. 

Q. Which country is Hillsville VA located in? 

Ans: The United States of America. 


The small town of Hillsville might not be the most happening place to visit but it definitely is one of the more sweet and laid-back places you can go to. Give it a shot and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.