Things To Do In Pas De La Casa (Do This FIRST)

Things To Do In Pas De La Casa

Pas De La Casa is a village located in Andorra. The region is surrounded by mountainous attractions, which attract many winter sports and also Summer hiking. So, maybe you’re planning your own trip over there, but you’re not sure what things you can do in Pas De La Casa? In this article, we’ll talk about exactly that! 

Pas De La Casa- The Mecca Of Winter Sports:

Around the world, there are many places where many types of winter sports are held. But there is one place known as the Mecca Of Skiing, Pas De La Casa. With its magnificent landscapes, Pas De La Casa offers some of the largest ski areas in the Pyrenees. And around the world, everyone who loves winter sports knows about this spectacular place. However, even if you’re not particularly into winter sports, the beauty of this place is breathtaking! 

Things To Do In Pas De La Casa:

Now its time to answer your biggest question; here are some things you can do in Pas De La Casa: 

1. Skiing And Other Winter Sports 

Let’s face it; you cannot pay a visit to one of the ski areas when you’re in Pas De La Casa. That would literally be an injustice! So let me sell you the idea; Pas De La Casa offers you 65 miles and 55 slopes of skiing. Not into skiing? No problem, try out snowboarding or freeriding! Anything and everything winter sports go here! 

The ski areas are beautiful! Yes, it’s surrounded by snow, but that doesn’t mean it’s all gloomy and depressing! On the contrary, most of the ski areas have excellent sun exposure. This is mainly because of the unique climate of Pas De La Casa. 

Pas De La Casa- The Mecca Of Winter Sports

Most of these ski areas also offer cafes and restaurants where you and your family can have a lovely Sunday brunch! So even if you’re not into winter sports, we highly recommend you check out one of these ski areas. 

Another great thing about most of these ski areas is the price. Children who are under six can try out snow sports for free! And kids above 6 have different packages, all at extremely low prices! 

2. Check Out Some Of The Restaurants In Pas De La Casa

Something I loved doing during my visit to Pas De La Casa was going around all the restaurants. The food over there is just so tasty! Especially the coffee. Having such a cold climate, the food just tastes even better. I highly recommend getting brunch, as the weather just calls for it! 

3. Party In One Of The 50 Bars And 6 Nightclubs

At night Pas De La Casa is a different animal. Throughout the village, there are over 50 bars and six nightclubs! And every one of them is just filled with people enjoying life. So get yourself a drink and enjoy the party life of Pas De La Casa. 

4. Go Shopping In Pas De La Casa 

One thing you might not know is that the VAT rate in Pas De La Casa is an average of just 4.5%. This means the prices in all shops and restaurants are extremely low. So if you just go around the village, you’re very likely to find some absolute bargains! 

5. Visit Les Abellletes Lake Trail 

There are several lake trails around Pas De La Casa, but my favorite is the Les Abelletes Lake trail. This trail is perfect for hikes and picnics. I went out on a hike very early in the morning with a few of my friends. And the incredible sights still make their way into my dreams! 

Check Out Some Of The Restaurants In Pas De La Casa

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Big Is Pas De La Casa?

Ans: 17 km2

Q. What Country Is Pas De La Casa In?

Ans: Andorra

Q. Is Pas De La Casa Good For Families? 

Ans: Better suited for groups and younger visitors rather than families.

Q. Is Pas De La Casa Lively?

Ans: Pas de la Casa is very lively.


So, is Pas De La Casa a good place for you to visit? It depends. If you’re looking to spend some time with your family, this might not be the place for you. Also, if you aren’t into winter sports, you should look elsewhere! 

Pas De La Casa is a place full of energy! With winter sports during the night, during the day. And a lot of partying. So if you’re into that, Pas De La Casa is perfect!