Things To Do In Patterson CA: 12 Amazing Things

Things To Do In Patterson CA

Patterson, California is a historic city in the United States. The town of Patterson is famous for holding the world’s biggest Apricot Festival every year. Apart from that, the town itself is a historic destination that everyone should know about. In that case, if you are someone who is visiting the Apricot capital of the world but doesn’t know where to go and what to do, this article is for you. 

Patterson is a town with a lot of history connected to it. The land was initially claimed by Samuel G. Reed and Ruben S. Wade on January 7, 1855. After that, the land exchanged many hands until 1866 when John D. Patterson bought it for 5,400$.

Upon his death, the land was handed down to several of his heirs and then finally sold to the Patterson Ranch Company in 1908. 

The land was later modeled after the cities of Washington and Paris and quickly became one of the more unique towns in the US. Though it might not be as big as some of the more major cities in America, Patterson is still a beautiful town filled with diversity and history.

Why visit Patterson, California?

Before I visited Patterson, I didn’t know much about the town itself. The rich history, the festivals, the diversity, and the incredibly welcoming people were all a big surprise to me. However, my stay there was made a lot more memorable because of some of the places I visited when I was there and some of the activities I took part in. 

Why should you visit Patterson? because of its simplicity. You won’t find anything that will just take your breath away, instead, the best part of the visit here is the grounded nature of the town.

The locals are very welcoming and they accept you right away. From what iv seen, the people of the town come from all walks of life but they treat each other with equal love and care. 

During my visit, I had a friend who showed me around the town. We did many things together and I will try to share some of the best things I did to make your visit one to remember. So, if you’re ready let’s get started! 

Things to do in Patterson, CA:

Now, let’s look at some of the things you can do in Patterson, CA: 

1. Go bird-watching at the Del Puerto Canyon 

Del Puerto Canyon is one of Stanislaus county’s most diverse natural environments. Not only is it a great place for hikers but the 150-plus species of birds have also caught the attention of many bird-watchers. Some of the more famous species of birds you might find here are the Yellow-breasted chat, Greater Roadrunner, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Costa’s Hummingbird. 

After a long day of hiking and bird watching, you’ll need a place to stay. For this, you can either camp in some of the permitted areas or just at the north of Patterson there are a couple of hotels you can stay in. 

You can even find many restaurants, gas stations, etc around here. This way, you are connected to nature while having the safety of technology around, which cannot go wrong. 

2. Go on a hike at the Yosemite National Park 

The Yosemite National Park is the first-ever wilderness park in the United States. The park is almost 1200 square-mile long. This park offers you an opportunity to connect with nature in a way like never before. To get the best out of your visit there, go on a hike along with one of many of the park’s hiking trails. 

During your hike, you will be able to see many beautiful lakes and streams. Of course, the park is surrounded by deep forest and you are most likely to come across some wildlife too. Many people are also seen fishing by the bank of the lakes and you can set up your own fishing base for free. 

3. Camp at the Yosemite National Park 

The beautiful mountain and lakesides of The Yosemite Park offer visitors a chance for camping. The park is beautiful and there are many things you can do within the park itself. Take a hike, and visit the Half Dome mountain and El Capitan Mountain. The peaks of these mountains offer a view like no other. 

4. Full guide for the camping trip 

You can even visit the Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Falls where you can even take a swim. Now, what should your plan be? let me guide you through it. I would suggest firstly packing enough resources. If you are familiar with camping you should know what you should have to bring and what not. Then, set for a hike to start your day in Yosemite. 

As your hike goes on and the beauty of nature captivates you, start looking for one of the waterfalls in the park. Once you find either the Yosemite falls or Bridalveil falls take a dip in the cold water or just enjoy the view and fresh air.

Now that you’re a little cooled off, it’s time for food. You can either bring your own food or even try fishing. It’s important to know, that there are some camping bases which can also provide you with food. 

For setting the camp you can try to set your tent on the higher mountainside areas or on the side of the lakes. I prefer the mountainsides because they offer a stunning view of the sunset and the sunrise if you do it right.

If you are having trouble spending the nights in the woods, you can always try out the Yosemite Camping Base where they might be able to help you. 

5. Visit the Stanislaus County Fair 

Stanislaus county fair is a great place for you to spend some time with your family. This fair is quite famous around California and attracts many visitors. It’s a ten-day-long fair so make sure you don’t miss it. So, what activities does it offer? To start there are several exhibits. If you are someone who likes art a lot, the county fair will definitely grab your attention. 

Many artists from Patterson come to the county fair and bring their work with them. There are many photography and art exhibits scattered around the fair. Also, many musical artists come to the fair to perform live music and take part in the open mics that are held. Apart from that, there are many antique shops that can be great for gifts. 

Another thing quite famous at the fair is the broadcast horse racing. The adrenaline really takes you over and it’s quite a thrilling experience to have. All this sightseeing must’ve made you hungry but don’t worry the countless pop-up street food shops can help you out. 

6. Visit the Stanislaus River 

In terms of historic places to visit, the Stanislaus River has to be on your list. The river is home to the historic covered bridge and nine beautiful parks dotted along its banks. If you’re a fan of beautiful landscapes The Stanislaus River will take your breath away with some of the more stunning scenes. 

Something you should surely try is rafting. Rafting gives a rush not many other sports cant give and at the Stanislaus park you can even hire instructors to help you learn this sport. You can also try canoeing, hiking, camping, etc in this beautiful place. 

7. Go Skiing in the ski areas 

Take a short drive to the central valley of California where you will find a variety of ski resorts and parks. These ski areas are quite famous among the people of California. If you’re looking for more of an adventure, go skiing! I promise you will not regret it. You can also try some of the other winter sports these parks and resorts offer. 

Some of the more known ski areas are Badger Pass, Dodge Ridge, and Mammoth. I went to Dodge Ridge and my experience was one to remember. However, I did take some time to check out the other ski areas as well and it surprised me how different they were from one another. Both host winter sports, but at the same time, they are able to keep their own uniqueness intact. 

8. Visit some of the Wineries and Vineyards 

The central valley is famous for a lot of things and the ski parks arent the only thing. Around Patterson and central valley, there are many wineries and vineyards that you should check out. Some of these vineyards have been producing fine wine for more than 75 years. The best part for me is the tasting room, who doesn’t like free wine? 

9. Walk around the town 

While you’re on the hunt for interesting places to see, don’t forget about this completely free activity in Patterson. Take a walk along the roads of the town and take in the beauty of the culture surrounding Patterson. You can visit some of the historic artifacts during your walk. Also, some of the small stores and pop-up shops are a must. 

10. Visit the Patterson Township Museum 

As we’ve talked about, Patterson is a town rich in history. In 1978, The Patterson Township Historical Society was founded. Mainly a publication company but they are also home to one of the most historic Museums in Patterson. During my visit, I had the chance to learn about the history of Patterson in a much more intimate setting and it’s something you should surely check out as well. 

11. Visit the Patterson City Hall 

Somewhere during my visit to Patterson, I visited the Patterson City Hall. The main reason for this was to get some directions. But to my surprise, the people in the hall were extremely welcoming and helpful. In fact, they offered me food, and a place to stay, if I closed my eyes id feel as if I’m back home. Being the outsider I had many questions but they were just as passionate to answer them. 

My chat with them helped me understand and learn a lot about the history of Patterson. It was enlightening and the people made the whole experience one remember. And that’s why I recommend you check out the city hall as well. You might even make a few friends who can show you around! 

12. Look around the town for more things to do 

One of the best things about Patterson is, that you can do so much if you just look around. Some notable things we did were, going bowling, go-karting, visiting some of the local bars, etc. While these visits weren’t at the top of our list when we planned the trip, they still made our visit worthwhile. 

Sometimes it’s important to take a breather when there’s too much going on. And during all the hiking and sightseeing getting a drink with your friends in one of the local bars can do that for you. The charm of the town is the people, don’t forget that! 

The Apricot Festival:

I had to include this one separately because of how unique it is. Patterson CA is known to host the world’s biggest Apricot Festival because of which they’re named the Apricot Capital of the world. This unique festival celebrates the city’s heritage and the famous Patterson apricot named after them. 

So what is the festival like? it’s a two-day long festival with parades, an apricot pie-eating contest, a beauty queen contest, and many more. I participated in the pie-eating contest, and while it didn’t end that well with me, you should try it out! Of course, no festival would be complete without its array of food items. And for this, there are many food vendors scattered around the fest. 

One of the more famous and favorites in the festival is the apricot ice cream. I can confirm, that it was delicious! There is an arts and crafts show which includes art from many of the locals and outsiders too. The best artwork gets rewarded with prizes and their artwork is viewed in the city exhibits. 

The Apricot Fiesta is held at the Center Circle Plaza right at the heart of Patterson. And that says a lot, it’s not just a location but a hint at what this festival means for everyone involved. This festival brings all the people of Patterson together, and while I and I might not be from Patterson, it’s very easy to forget that. This is because of the immense love and cares the charming people of Patterson have. 

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. What is Patterson CA known for?

Ans: Patterson CA is known for its Apricot Fiesta. 

Q. What is Patterson CA known as? 

Ans: Patterson CA is known as the Apricot Capital of the world. 

Q. Who is Pat Patterson? 

Ans: Pat Patterson is a Comedian.

Q. What is the population of Patterson fl?

Ans: The population of Patterson is estimated at 20,413. 

Q. What district is Patterson CA in? 

Ans: Patterson CA is in California’s 10th congressional district. 

To conclude, Patterson CA’s true beauty lies in its people. The charming people of the town make every moment you spend there worthwhile. If you are looking to visit the world’s apricot capital, try out some of these things I listed and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your stay to the fullest.