Things to Do in Plainwell MI: 9 Amazing Activities to Enjoy

Things to Do in Plainwell MI

Plainwell, MI otherwise known as the “Island City” is a beautiful town in the USA. The town has a unique and authentic personality, which makes it the perfect place for you to visit and explore. So, if you are planning on booking a trip to the Island City but aren’t sure of what activities you can take part in, this article is for you. 

The Kalamazoo River flows through the center of the city, and because of this the town was named “The Island City”. Though the town is quite small compared to the other cities in America, Plainwell is charming and unique in many ways. Don’t let its quaint outlook fool you, as the town has a lot more to offer than you might think. 

To get the best out of your visit to a new destination, it’s important to plan your trip. Sometimes, a certain place might be breathtaking in its beauty but the place might not offer many things to do. Thankfully for you, Plainwell offers plenty of fun activities for you to take part in. So, let’s get right into it! 

Why visit Plainwell, MI? 

Plainwell, MI

Plainwell, Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit. There are a lot of reasons for this, mainly for me its the water sports. The Kalamazoo River flows through Plainwell, allowing for many fun activities you can participate in. Apart from that, there are many other places you can visit, whether it be the museums or the famous bakeries they are all worth a visit. 

The best part about this town is its grounded nature of it. Plainwell in recent years has become more and more famous amongst visitors who just want to have a laid back trip.

You can take part in many types of watersports like kayaking or you can just roam around the town, visit the restaurants and just have a little break from the busy world outside. 

If you are visiting for the first time, do visit the town hall. The reason for this is the very welcoming people. During my visit to Plainwell, I was extremely surprised at how welcoming and charming all the locals were. They offered us help with directions, food, place to stay and we didn’t even have to ask for it. It just felt like a visit to grandma’s, the sweetest. 

Things to do in Plainwell, Michigan:

Now, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the best things you can do during your visit to Plainwell, Michigan: 

1. Take a walk around the town 

a walk around the town 

The best thing about Plainwell is, that you can just walk around the town and your mood will instantly get better. Plainwell is a relatively small town and because of that, the city doesn’t feel as busy as the bigger cities. The best way to start your visit to Plainwell is to just buy a coffee and take in the beauty of this quaint town. 

The quite relaxing envisionment makes it the perfect destination to just take a break from the busy world out there. One thing about Plainwell that I noticed was the number of coffee shops and bakeries there are and how cute all of them are in their own way. 

A walk around the town also means a walk beside the river Kalamazoo, so, you can stop for some pictures at the riverside too. No matter where you visit the best way to get to know the place is to walk around and observe and in Plainwell, the stroll around the town in itself is a fun activity you can do. 

2. Visit the Haunted Phobia House 

Haunted Phobia House 

Phobia House aims to scare the spirit out of your own body and they succeed at it. Whether you like horror experiences or not, you will surely have a lot of fun here if you go with your friends. The haunted attraction features a 3D haunt, phobia nightmare, and also a traditional haunt experience. 

For me, it was the traditional haunt that was the scariest. In it, live actors are placed around the 16,000 square feet haunt area and their whole job is to scare you. If you are weak-hearted, you should probably not take part in this, as the sudden jumpscares can be quite jarring. 

You can find the Phobia house just around 10th St, Plainwell, MI. And if you are having trouble finding them you can even visit their websites or just look them up on google maps. Good luck on your next scary journey! 

3. Watch a film at the M-89 Cinema 

M-89 Cinema 

M-89 Cinema is one of the best movie theatres you’ll ever visit. No, the characters in the movie will not come out through the screen but the whole experience the cinema hall offers is far more charming. Also, if you are visiting with your family or someone special you will absolutely love it. 

Whether you’re here for a traditional movie date or just to have a little family time, M-89 Cinema is extremely lovable. To start off the tickets start from just 2.60$ and the food is just as cheap. M-89 Cinema is quite historic too, they first started out as both a cinema hall and a cafe but now they’re more of a cinema hall with great food. 

The theatre has only about 7 screens which gives the theatre a very cute feel. People from all walks of life come here just to see their favorite films and that’s all, no over expensive food items, no unnecessary formalities.

If you love food in the cinema but hate paying absurd prices for them, M-89 will just put a smile on your face. 

The prices of the food items are very cheap and there are many food items for you to choose from. For me, the popcorn was amazing. Pair that with a large-sized cola and some chicken wings, and that’s the perfect movie experience ever. When you are visiting Plainwell, do not forget to check out M-89. 

4. Check out some of the beautiful Churches in Plainwell, Michigan 

Churches in Plainwell

There are many churches in Plainwell, Michigan as the town is known to be quite religious throughout. Even if you are not religious you are welcome to come and see the beautiful churches here. Some of the many churches in Plainwell that you should visit are Orangeville Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Friendship Wesleyan Church, and many more. 

5. Visit the Old Mill Brewpub & Grill 

Old Mill Brewpub & Grill 

The old Mill Brewpub is a historic pub in Plainwell, Michigan. The pub was first built in 1869. A four-story building that was once the largest buckwheat flour mill in the country. The best part about this historic pub is that they craft their own beer and also offer bottled liquor. 

There’s indoor seating and also an outdoor area, whichever you prefer. I loved how the locals were all there just talking about what was going on in their life and at the same time many tourists can be seen just fitting in quite easily. The pub has a charm to it, and you should visit this place at least once for some quality time with friends. 

6. Take a trip down the Kalamazoo River

Kalamazoo River

The Kalamazoo River flows through the city of Plainwell and is a must-see if you are visiting Plainwell. For this, you can contact one of the few travel agents you’ll find in Plainwell and make a boat reservation for yourself. After this, you will usually be paired with a guide who will show you around and help you with anything you need. 

Plainwell is known to be quite safe so don’t worry about your safety during the boat ride. Also, there are many locals around the river that you can see, so, there are no real dangers. The Kalamazoo river trip is probably the most relaxing thing you’ll be doing in Plainwell, as the calm boat ride takes you through the green forests of Plainwell you’ll find yourself slowly letting go of all the stress and worry buried in your mind. 

7. Go Kayaking at the Kalamazoo River 

Kayaking at the Kalamazoo River 

During your boat trip down the Kalamazoo river, you’ll come across a couple of Kayaking companies. If you’re someone who’s into watersports, don’t think twice and make a reservation at one of these kayaking companies. In fact, during my time in Plainwell, the kayaking trip was probably one of the most memorable things I did. 

The experience is amazing, the feeling of being that close to the water and the water just splashing all around is so fun. We were a group of 10 people and after we reached one of the kayak areas they drove us to a nearby site. From there, after a brief orientation, we jumped right in the water on our kayaks. 

It’s an experience we will probably never forget. Even though very serious safety precautions are in play, I would recommend not to kayak if you do not know how to swim as it can get risky because of the water flow. Apart from that, Enjoy your time! 

8. Get dessert at the Four Roses Cafe in Plainwell, MI 

Four Roses Cafe in Plainwell

One of my favorite cafes in Plainwell is the Four Roses Cafe. The cafe comes with a variety of dishes but they’re most famous for their deserts. If you are someone who likes deserts just as much as me, you’re in the best spot in town. There are almost 20 separate dessert options here including the black bottom pie and my favorite black top cheesecake. 

9. Try the big Burrito at the Big Burrito 

Big Burrito 

They don’t have that name only for show, this exclusive restaurant has a foot-long named the “Big Burrito” which you have to try out. After a long day exploring the city of Plainwell, you will get hungry and for that, the best place in Plainwell is the Big Burrito. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is Plainwell Michigan? 

Ans: Plainwell is a city in Allegan County in the U.S. state of Michigan. 

Q. What’s the population of Plainwell, MI? 

Ans: The population of Plainwell, MI is almost 4,500 people. 

Q. Is Plainwell, MI good for a visit? 

Ans: The quaint charm and grounded nature of Plainwell, MI make it a great place to visit. 

Q. Is a visit to Plainwell too expensive? 

Ans: Plainwell, MI is quite cheap to visit. 


The charm of Plainwell, MI is something to adore. When you get to the town you immediately feel at home and completely relaxed. Not only is the town quite beautiful, but the people are also extremely welcoming which makes Plainwell, MI a great place to visit.