What To Do In Challis Idaho (Don’t Miss the Best)

What To Do In Challis Idaho

Have you ever been to a foreign town and said to yourself, “Wow!” Well, this happens quite a lot at Challis for many guests.

Challis might not be as well known as other American cities, but do not be fooled. Challis is a modest but lovely up-and-coming tourist area worth seeing. Some of the interesting activities to do and locations to see at this secret getaway will astound you. You might want to return sometime to Challis to take a vacation and unwind.

We understand that planning a vacation may be difficult, so we designed this simple guide to spare you hours of research. Continue reading if you are planning a trip to the United States and thus are unsure if Challis must be on your itinerary. We have compiled a list of attractions to see in Challis and the surrounding area. We have a feeling you will be glad you included this place in your vacation plans if you do.

The top 3 activities to do in Challis, Idaho:

1. Take a bath at the hot springs

A holiday should be spent relaxing! Whenever you explore the Challis Hot Springs, you may relax in the beauty of the environment. A hot spring is a naturally formed pool of warm water that has risen from the earth’s crust, and these springs are ideal for soaking. The Large Pool and the Therapy Pool are the two thermal pools available. The Large Pool is kept at a pleasant temperature of 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the temperature in the Therapy Pool is unregulated, it can range from 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Visit a Ghost Town and Get Scared

There are other ghost towns within the driving distance of Redfish Lake Lodge, but Bay Horse is one of our favorites. It was originally home to immigrants from all over Europe who came to dig for silver in the mountains. The historic buildings and several of the ovens used to create coal for the furnace may now be visited. However, due to the poisons emitted by silver mining, you are not permitted to enter these structures.

3. Find out more about frontier mining

Explore the Land of the Yankee Fork State Park if you are seeking informative things to do in Challis, Idaho! You may learn about Idaho’s frontier mining history here. You can view genuine mining equipment outside and see displays about the area’s history within the visitor’s center. Even children can learn the techniques to pan for gold! Hiking paths and historical landmarks may be found further in the park, which you can discover at the visitor’s center.

Family-friendly activities and tourist attractions in Challis, Idaho:

Sawtooth Adventure Company

Sawtooth Adventure Company offers a wide range of activities such as rafting, fly fishing, outdoor adventures, and mountain biking.

Mile High Outfitters

Miles High Outfitters is one of Idaho’s leading hound hunting companies. As a second-generation organization, its members understand and value the discipline of hound hunting. 

Challis Lanes

Challis Lanes is a restaurant as well as a bowling alley. You can visit this place with your kids or friends to get a taste of good food and good sports all at one place. 

Wild Idaho Outfitters  

Wild Idaho Outfitters offers spring bear hunting, summer pack trips, and fall elk, mule deer, and black bear hunts in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness covering over 150 square miles. Cutthroat trout fishing is an excellent activity there, as is rifle hunting for bull elk in the rut, a generous red deer session, great black bear and mountain lion hunting, as well as bighorn sheep and mountain goat.

Creek Side Inn Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy nearly a century of beautiful Victorian life. Their turn-of-the-century abode is a fully renovated Victorian with plenty of beauty and character. They are situated in the center of Gold Mining Country, in the Idaho Mountains, where you can relax. In the winter, you may cuddle up with a nice book in the library or listen to the 100-year-old grand piano in the lobby. In the morning, they provide complimentary coffee and tea as well as a complete meal.

Captain’s Green Anchors

They provide guided fly fishing excursions, which you can book on their pricing website. They also provide casting courses ranging from basic to intermediate levels for $30.00 each hour. Although conventional anchors are composed of lead, their ‘green anchors’ have been manufactured from recycled lead that has been encased in steel. This prevents lead from leaching into the environment.

Bayhorse Lake

Anglers may catch fish from the beach or in a small boat at these drive-in alpine lakes. A mile-long hiking track connects Bayhorse and Little Bayhorse lakes, which are separated by a hill and 250 vertical feet. Both lakes provide rustic camping and a beautiful respite from the summer heat.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park, situated a mile north of Main Street and right off Highway 93, contains playgrounds, picnic pavilions, grilling stations, horseshoe pits, a basketball court, a baseball field, and a skate park. A skateboard tournament is conducted every Labor Day weekend.

French Creek Ranch

French Creek Ranch is a quiet 52-acre property on French Creek at the bottom of a canyon. With sofas, it sleeps 17-19 people. Its path leads to the highlands of White Cloud. The Salmon River is nearby. A picturesque 30-minute journey downstream from Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains. This entire area is ranked #21 in the world to visit in 2022. Hiking, bicycling, canoeing, hunting, angling, lakes, and ghost towns are all close. Large family/rec. facility featuring table tennis, games, and relaxation areas.

Challis Skate Park

This park was developed with community volunteer help, local contributions, and grants and was designed by some of the best skaters and skateboarders in the state.

The Skate Park has a 2500 square foot kidney-shaped bowl with a step-down bottom, granite sills and pole jams, six stairwells with grind rails, ledge boxes, and two-quarter pipes.

The finish is immaculate, and the park’s flow is unrivaled. Visiting skaters and skateboarding fans from all over the country declare that this park is one of the greatest in the country.

Joe T Fallini Recreation Site

This BLM campsite is situated on the north bank of MacKay Reservoir and is first-come, first-served. The sight of the mountains from there is spectacular! There is also some highway noise, but overall it is a pretty comfortable environment.

Middle Fork Outfitters 

Middle Fork Outfitters is an Idaho-based wilderness company that specializes in isolated wilderness fair chase hunts and outdoor guide schools. The location aims to help individuals unplug and explore nature.

Challis Public Library

Bookworms, make sure to check this place out! The Challis Public Library is a tax-supported library that provides the Challis community and its surroundings with various services. It contains more than 16,000 pieces in its fiction and non-fiction library! There is also a great assortment of works on Idaho in the library. Public computers, smartphones, and laptops are available at the Challis Public Library.

River 1

Its members are happy to be able to share their everyday appreciation of valleys with you, as it is located near the Sawtooth Valley, one of Idaho’s most beautiful landscapes. River 1 has everything you need for your ultimate outdoor adventure. Whether you are planning a week-long trip along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River or camping in this gorgeous valley, the location strives to give the greatest equipment for the experience.

Make a reservation for your Challis vacation in Idaho today!

It is time to discover Central Idaho’s beauty and uniqueness! It provides all you need for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Relax at a natural hot spring, go hiking in the mountains, or raft down the rapids. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy returning to one of its attractions.

During your visit, Redfish Lake Lodge, Redfish Riverside Inn, Triangle C Cabins, and Stanley High Country Inn all have been created to be your second home. If Redfish Lake Lodge is unavailable, any of these locations provide access to all of the on-site activities as well as excellent service! Whether you are looking for activities to accomplish in Challis, Idaho, or simply staying there and exploring around, we hope our guide will assist you in making experiences that will last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What makes Challis, Idaho unique?

Challis is a perfect base camp for exploring Custer County’s enormous 3 million acres in the center of Central Idaho. Challis is the location that remains with you, with national endurance marathons, foothills festivals, and unrivaled beauty.

Q. Is it a decent location to live in Challis, Idaho?

Challis is a fantastic place to call home! Its people are friendly, and because it is a tiny town, you tend to know almost everyone. In every way, the community is tremendously supportive. Beautiful mountain ranges surround you on all sides.

Q. What is the Challis zip code?

The zip code of Challis, Idaho is 83226.