What To Do In Sao Miguel When Raining (Avoid Common Mistakes!)


Sao Miguel is a beautiful island located in Portugal. This island is quite untouched by tourists compared to some other travel destinations in the world. Moreover, Sao Miguel is one of the largest islands in the Azores. 

But let’s say you’re visiting the island and it suddenly starts to rain, what do you do now? how do you still get the best out of Sao Miguel while it rains? 

All the islands of the Azores go through micro-climates specific to each. That means the weather can change quite quickly and it’s better to have activities planned for when it rains. Your time is valuable and every day on the trip counts. So, in this article, I will be giving you some tips on how you can get the best out of Sao Miguel even when it rains. 

Why Sao Miguel Azores Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Sao Miguel is the most popular island amongst the islands of the Azores. The Azores is a small archipelago made up of nine islands. Easily the standout point of the Azores is how beautiful it is. If you are looking to escape the world and indulge yourself in nature this is the place for you. The island has many volcanos, lakes, tea gardens, etc that will surely lift your mood up. 

There aren’t many animals on the island but there are many varieties of birds, rabbits, cats, and cows that can be seen. The island is surrounded by an ocean and in the ocean is a plethora of whales, dolphins, and many other types of fish. However, the most important reason you should go there is how quiet it is. 

Sao Miguel is one of the few places on earth which is incredibly beautiful but not as inflated with tourists as all the other places are. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. Moreover, the people of the island look after it. A lot of the locals themselves spend their holidays on the island. 

How To Get to Sao Miguel Island?

You will have to fly to get to Sao Miguel island. For many, this is a downside but if you’re living in a country like the UK you will have to go to Portugal first. So, let’s take a look at how you can get to Sao Miguel Island: 

Fly to the Capital:

At first, you would have to fly into Ponta Delgada, the capital. No matter which island you go to the first stop is always Delgada. 

Most of the flights are incredibly limited. In fact, there’s usually only one flight a week to Ponta. So, what about the price? well, the prices are also quite high throughout the year, ranging from 110-450$ per person. 

Take a Flight to Portugal as an Alternate:

The easiest thing to do is first take a flight to Lisbon since many flights are going to Ponta from there. The flights from Lisbon are also far cheaper and it usually takes around 2-3 hours to reach Ponta Delgada. You can also fly from Porto to Ponta but the flights are a little fewer. 

What To Do in Sao Miguel When It Rains?

So, you’re in Sao Miguel but suddenly it starts to rain, don’t panic there’s still plenty to do. Personally, I love the rain, and during my time in Sao Miguel, I got to experience some things that just felt more beautiful because it was raining. Now I’ll share them with you, here are some things you can do when it rains in Sao Miguel: 

1. Take a Dip in the Nearest Hot Springs

Is there anything better than a swim in the hot springs during cold rain pours down? It’s an experience that you need to have when it rains. Usually, these hot springs are not more than 45 minutes away and are quite affordable. Also, there are some oceanside springs that are free. 

2. Volcanically Cooked Stew or Cozido Das Furnas

Rain calls for something hot to eat. Head over to Furnas and try their traditional dishes. The process is quite interesting, they put meat and vegetables into a pot and lower them into the volcanic soil for almost 7-9 hours. Once done, you have tender and tasty stew. You can also find Cozido Das Furnas in some local resturants. 

3. Visit the Gorreana Tea Factory

The Gorreana tea factory is pretty famous in Europe. This is mainly because this tea factory is the oldest tea plantation in all of Europe. 

4. Go Around the Local Restaurants

You can’t go to another culture and not try out their delicious food. In Sao Miguel, there are plenty of local restaurants where you can have some great food while being around some very wholesome locals. Everyone usually seems to be enjoying the rain while having something to eat. 

5. Go Around the Markets of Sao Miguel

The grace market is a well-known market located in Ponta Delgada. These markets are beautiful and filled with many regional products. The stalls are filled with many types of food items, fruits, spices, Rei dos Queijos and other local sweet jams. Something about exploring a local market while it rains is just a fun experience to have. 

6. Have a Cup of Tea at the Marina

The Ponta Delgada Marina is the city’s seafront and is quite well known amongst travelers and locals. Many of the world’s great ship cruises come here at the port of Marina. Since the seafront is quite famous, there are many tea stalls and small restaurants scattered around the place. 

Have a cup of tea while you enjoy the beautiful rain pouring down and trust me it’s one of the more beautiful memories you will take away from Sao Miguel. 

7. Indoor Climbing

Ponta Delgada has a great climbing gym that you have to try. If you want to do a high-energy activity even though it is raining, I suggest you try out indoor climbing. The place is quite cheap to visit and the people around are very nice, so you can be sure to have a good experience inside. 

8. Just Enjoy the Rain Directly

Sometimes the best thing you can do is drench yourself in the rain. You don’t wanna catch a cold but you also don’t wanna miss the beauty of the rain pouring down. Sao Miguel is a beautiful country and when it rains it looks even prettier. 

Some More Places To Visit in Sao Miguel:

The more you know the better and if you are planning your first trip to Sao Miguel, it’s important to know some of the best things you can do when you are there. So let’s get right into it: 

Take a Visit to Furnas:

As we know, Sao Miguel is a country with many volcanos. To see the volcano activity at its best, visit Furnas. Around Furnas, you’ll notice many calderas burping and bubbling streams. Caldeiras are like holes in the land and mountainsides.

The locals are seen using these calderas to cook. These calderas also produce mineral spring water which the locals usually drink. 

The Mythical Seven Cities:

The legend of the two mythical lakes is very famous in Sao Miguel. If you wish to visit the lakes you will have to take two different hikes. During these hikes, You will be able to experience the natural beauty of Sao Miguel. 

Get a Bite of Cozido:

Food has to be a big part of your trip to Sao Miguel and if that is the case get yourself a bite of Cozido. Cozido is a delicious dish that is a mixture of various meats and vegetables cooked in their own broth. This dish is cooked in a pot that gets buried inside a Caldeira for 6-8 hours. The meat is tender and extremely tasty. 

Hike to the Highest Peak:

At one point in your trip, you need to take a hike to the highest peak, Pico de Vera. This hike is almost 1100m upward and you will require a permit. This is mainly because of safety reasons. The view is one of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever have.

Visit the Mountains of Lagoa Do Fogo:

High up the mountains lies the most remote and preserved areas in Sao Miguel. Lagoa do Fogo translates to Fire lake. The volcanic crater collapsed and created a breathtaking lake which you should visit during your trip. 

Go Whale Watching:

Many people don’t know this but a lot of dolphin and whale species choose the Azores as part of their migration route. Many whales like the sperm whales and blue whales even choose the Azores as their permanent home. There are many whale and dolphin watching tours that you have to make sure you check out. However, be safe and avoid disturbing the sea animals. 

Visit the Terra Nostra Gardens:

The famous Terra Nostra Gardens are home to some of the most beautiful gardens and natural thermal mineral pools in Sao Miguel. You can spend a whole day here swimming in thermal pools or just wandering the gardens. 

How To Get Around Sao Miguel:

Rent a car:

It’s incredibly easy to travel through Sao Miguel. However, you will have to rent a car. There are a few tourist buses that can also help you go around the island but it’s much better to just rent a car for your travels. This way you have the freedom to go from one place to another whenever you want on your terms! 


To go around the mountains and other natural places you might have to take hikes. There are many hike trails and every one of those is beautiful to go on. Even if you’re not a fan of hiking I can assure you the natural beauty will take your breath away. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Is Another Name for Ilha De São Miguel?

Ans:  Another name for Ilha de Sao Miguel is saint Micheal island. 

Q. Are there hot springs in Sao Miguel? 

Ans: Yes there are many hot springs in Sao Miguel. 

Q. Are There Volcanos in Sao Miguel?

Ans: Yes, there are Volcanos in Sao Miguel. 

Q. Where Is Sao Miguel Located?

Ans: Sao miguel is located in Ponta Delgada. Aans: Sao miguel is located in Ponta Delgada. 

Q. Is Sao Miguel an Island?

Ans: yes, Sao Miguel is an island. 

Q. Is Sao Miguel the Largest of the Azores Islands?

Ans: Yes, Sao Miguel is the largest amongst the Azores islands. 

Q. Does It Rain in Sao Miguel?

Ans: Yes, it does rain in Sao Miguel. 


Sao Miguel is a beautiful island everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Even when it rains, it’s very much possible to get the best out of this island, as the natural beauty is just endless.