Why Put a Crayon in Wallet When You Travel?

There are a plethora of travel “hacks” that you will see on the internet, and as a matter of fact, people are actually eager to share these hacks with you because they sometimes work tremendously.

And while some may appear to be more bothersome than they’re worth, if you’re not being extremely careful, they might end up depleting your entire life savings, while others may actually be amazing and could save someone’s life.

In addition to the list of bizarre and very favorable hacks, putting crayons in a wallet may appear to be a little interesting, but the life hack can actually save a life by providing a discreet means of reaching out to someone who may require assistance.

This is because when traveling, it is said that a crayon can be very favorable for both children and adults in a great way because it helps us turn away from our screens and draw.

A crayon actually has a lot of advantages, not to mention that you can nearly always write with it, and if it’s wrapped in a piece of paper, it can be a good distraction for children and even security purposes with no sharpening hassles to handle.

Why Putting a Crayon in Your Wallet Is Favorable?

If we were to understand the logic behind why a crayon is favorable for your wallet it would be d considered an odd item to keep in your wallet. However, crayons, on the other hand, are said to even save someone’s life.

And the primary rationale for keeping a crayon in your wallet is that it can be used to avoid child endangerment as well as for safety issues. Read this section below to know more.

For Children:

Most parents would benefit from learning the necessity of putting a crayon in their wallet anytime they go outdoors and have their children join them. This is due to the fact that colored crayons play an important role in catching the attention of the most restless and difficult-to-manage children.

When they notice their favorite colored crayons, notably the colors red or yellow, which are supplied to them together with a piece of paper, the crayon in the wallet approach clearly operates considerably to make youngsters happy very fast and looks to be well handled.

In fact, if you encounter a youngster in a park or public place who appears worried or who is in a tough situation while traveling, you might try offering them a colorful crayon to see if it helps them relax. However, a crayon is tiny enough to be given to a youngster without being observed.

Allowing them to scrawl a letter and ask for help can be more entertaining and therefore keep them occupied. Because crayons are supposed to be brightly colored, they immediately attract attention.

For Your Convenience:

A crayon is useful for your own convenience because it holds cash and coins and isn’t much bulkier than a traditional wallet; thus, you can forgo having a treatable crayon in exchange for not having to carry around an extra wallet.

In airport situations where your purse or wallet is checked, security officers will typically urge you to place your wallet on the table and bring everything inside. And that’s where a crayon could be helpful, not to mention a complete life savior.

This is because you can slip a crayon into your wallet without thinking about it at home, and it will help you as a traveler by preventing your handbag from being thoroughly searched.

Assume that the security personnel discovers anything that is black in color. In that scenario, they might think it’s just a crayon and let you go without asking any more questions about it.

As well, robbers will probably not pick up your money or wallet if they see that there is a crayon, since, well, it’s just a crayon, and stealing it is of no use or value. This is especially true for citizens of countries where the currency has a crayon-like appearance.

What Is the Significance of It While Traveling?

You will learn a lot of travel tips and methods that are well worth implementing and have been proven to be useful. However, especially with significant items like a wallet, you actually cannot afford to take chances with something as precious and important that could cost you your funds if you don’t pay proper attention to it.

It is said that crayons while traveling are normally recommended as people often report that they “always carry a crayon in their wallet when traveling” and it has been effective.

There’s a different purpose for “putting a crayon in a wallet” in a variety of situations depending on what you’re attempting to prepare for, specifically if you are traveling long distances or going on flights that can take hours.

If you’re a parent with children, you know it’s not always fun and can be a hassle, so carrying crayons or a crayon to distract your child over a long distance can be great, giving you all the peace and a very hassle-free journey where you can enjoy the most. 

Furthermore, another important reason for bringing a crayon with you is that it can help to relieve tension or stress by allowing you to focus on something else while traveling.

You can draw or doodle all by yourself in a little pad or notebook to keep yourself distracted and actually have numerous mental health benefits, especially when it comes to stress management and anxiety reduction.

In addition to that, another advantage of the crayon hack is that it might help you keep track of what’s in your wallet. It is believed that a crayon will help you keep your credit and ID cards organized and easy to find when you need them.

But Why Exactly Is a Crayon Used?

To answer this question simply, we will say crayons are best friends to children, and honestly, there would be nothing that would set off any warning bells or sirens if a random adult handed a youngster a crayon to play in restaurants, fairs, or dental offices, and it is the safest to be exact.

As a matter of fact, the child can write a note or scribble the word “HELP” on the piece of paper wrapped around the crayon and seek out the crayon from the one who lent it to them or to someone safer, thus leading to the safety of the child.

Unlike other components of writing, like a pen, which has ink issues, and a pencil, which needs to be shared every now and then, a crayon has no issues at all.

Pros and Cons of Using a Crayon:


A crayon is always there for you when you need it, and while you might not think you’ll need a crayon in your hotel, while you’re out and about, wherever you go and travel, the possibilities are endless. And with crayons in your wallet, there is less risk that someone will look through your wallet. 


However, a crayon may make your rolled-up money very difficult to use, as banks may refuse to accept the check because it is unclear who you are or whether you have sufficient funds in your account, and that can be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why Should You Keep a Crayon in Your Wallet Before Heading Out at Night?

The primary rationale for keeping a crayon in your wallet is that it can be used to avoid child endangerment. If you notice a child appearing distressed or in a difficult scenario when traveling or out in public, a crayon can be an unobtrusive means of assisting them.

Q. What Exactly Is the Crayon-in-Wallet Trick?

Some people keep a crayon in their wallets to help them keep their cards straight. Wallets are prone to bending, distorting the original shapes of whatever plastic or paper items you’ve stuffed within.

Q. Why Do Criminals Do This Despite Having a Crayon in Their Wallet?

Wallets are prone to bending, distorting the original shapes of whatever plastic or paper items you’ve stuffed within. 

Q. What Role Does a Crayon Play in Saving Your Life?

A crayon is small enough to give to a child without being noticed, allowing them to scribble a note and seek assistance. Because crayons are vividly colored, you will most likely attract the child’s attention quickly when passing the crayon. If the youngster is in a life-threatening scenario, this lifehack could save their life.